Rhythmic Motion, a duet with Hastywords

This is yet another amazing poem written by myself and another amazing poet, Hastywords. Go check out her blog, read her work, and follow her blog. Do it!
If you’ve done it already, offer to read her a bedtime story…or read me a bedtime story. 🙂

I catch you looking at me
A smile graces my face
I am surprised at your notice
As my mind begins to race
I start to tremble
As you walk my way
My legs say to run and hide
But my heart says to stay.
A pleasant panic rises
Subsiding in waves of time
As your eyes settle
Into the depths of mine
The music’s getting louder
As we begin to dance
A feeling of elation
Amidst the air of romance.
No words are exchanged
Just a rhythmical force
Guiding our hips in time
Driving our minds off course
In this rhythmic dance
As we bow and we sway
I have you to thank
For feeling this way
The music softens
And begins to fade to fast
But our movement continues
I have finally found you at last
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

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