March First, 2013 ~ An Update

Well people, it’s march first. We’re officially beginning the 3rd month of 365 Days of poetry. The first 2 months have been considered a success. I’ve been a bit behind on a few weekends with posting my writing, but I have been writing every day. By the end of this month you’ll be able to get both January and February as free e-books (PDF books of course). If I can figure out how to make actual e-reader files, I may do that too. Once the year is finished I will look into publishing the entire collection of 365 poems in one book and actually getting it published.
The e-book files will have different images from what is displayed on my site. If you’re an artist and feel like doing something for one of my poems, let me know via e-mail ( or comment on this post with information. All images used in the e-book will be cited below each image, in order to avoid copyright issues. Each e-book will also include a number of poems that were not posted on my blog. Just as an incentive for you all to download it!
I think that’s all I wanted to tell you…I think…
Oh! and if you’re really lucky, there may be a bedtime story in there too…lol.
Thanks for reading this boring post! Caio!
-Alex H.

2 thoughts on “March First, 2013 ~ An Update

  1. Hey you!! Yes, I know!! It’s the 16th of March… but I always keep your posts in my in box cause I like to read ALL your words!! I guess that makes me a fan, right? A fan & a friend!! How are you? Haven’t exchanged words in a while… (sad face) 😦 XOXO ~ jen

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