(06/03/2013) I’m Gone

Words have been spoken
What’s said can’t be unsaid
Words can’t be retracted
Like thoughts within your head

After all
you’re getting your wish
I’m leaving this place
You won’t be missed

There once was a time
When I called you friend
That time has passed and
I don’t need to defend

You don’t know the real me
You know but a mask
And when I took it off
You couldn’t face the facts

I don’t need the remarks
You’ve made all along
What you’ve said can’t be unsaid
So long, I’m gone.

©2013 Alex Hicks

8 thoughts on “(06/03/2013) I’m Gone

  1. This is why it’s better to think before you speak. Although that’s not always easiest thing to do. Your words are beautiful in this.

  2. Even though gone
    but am thinking how long?
    It will take to forget the pain
    no..never miss you again
    I know..you are gone
    only words remain

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