(07/03/2013) Victory

Pen to page I write a verse
Like waves upon the shore
After all it could be worse
I ask for nothing more.
Then for my words to mean something
To someone someday somewhere
So that I hear the voices ring
Like little wisps of air.
I cannot be but who I am
I cannot change the past
Because I am but one man
And it’s far to much to ask
For me to look back on my life
and change something I’ve done
Its like handing me the bloody knife
And dialing nine-one-one.
So that I get stuck with your shit
And I refuse to take the fall
I’ll match your actions with my wit
And then you’ll see it all
You see the way I win my fights
By the illusion of defeat
And when the dark snuffs out the lights
You’ll know, I’ve got you beat.
©2013 Alex Hicks

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