Deadly Tongue

Yet another duet with Hastywords. You should be following her by now, but if you’re not, you should be. Go to it!

Words ignite like dangerous fireworks
A spreading detonation of sparks
A dramatic uncontrolled display
Threatening mischief before leaping into the sky
Each letter bringing forth colors
Like a painting on a canvas
Swirls of reds, yellows, greens and blues
Painted by a delicate hand
Beautiful from a distance
But filled with dangerous emotion
Reactions catapult through each set of words
Triggers set like trip wires waiting to explode
The tip of my pen will fly
Like a bullet on the page
Writing my emotions and my thoughts
A massacre of words.
A deadly tool if used with malice
Daggers would prove less painful
Inciting hatred, anger, and violence
These words are best saved than laid
The one thing that remains in this world
That remains mightier than the sword
Stronger than a bullet, missiles can’t compare
The words that are spoken, or scattered on the page.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

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