(21/03/2013) We Are

We are simple humans
We cast shadows where we walk
We speak of tragedies
And terrors when we talk
We are the fearless lions
Many us fear us where we roam
But because of all the humans
We may lose out home
We are the mighty polar bears
We live where most cannot
It’s made of ice and it can melt
Because the humans made it hot.
We are the birds that soar above
Looking down on everything
And if the humans stay upon this path
They will no longer hear us sing.
This is not how nature
Should be looked upon by all
We slowly kill the planet
So we can build our malls.
Because we are the simple humans
And death follows in our wake
The animals that once ruled this world
Now pay for our mistakes.
©2013 Alex Hicks
Note: Animals have just as much right to live here as we do. Please, do your part to help them. It’s our fault they’re dying and only we can stop it.

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