(22/03/2013) Bravery

Brave is the one
Who stands on the line
And fights for the family
That they left behind.
Brave is the one
Who stands on high
And faces the world
With truth and lie.
Brave is the one
Who risks his life
To banish the darkness
That comes with the night.
Bravest of all is the one
Who can stand up to his fears
Who can drive through the darkness
Where nothing is clear.
Into the endless wonders
That every life doth’ hold
Despite treacherous mountains
And thundering cold.
©2013 Alex Hicks
My psychologist told me that it took incredible bravery for me to open up the one friend I felt I could open up to. I had never thought about bravery in that way before, and already right off the bat I feel better about myself. I have a good feeling about this.

One thought on “(22/03/2013) Bravery

  1. I really enjoy your writings, and I definitley have an understanding of the emotion. The Bravest thing I ever did was be able to talk to people about how I feel, or the hardships that i still endure. It isn’t easy to face others and let them in when you spend your life locked inside yourself. It takes even greater Courage, to face yourself.

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