Hidden Faces ~ A Duet with Hastywords

It’s been too long since I last wrote with Hastywords. I enjoyed writing this one immensely. Be sure to check her out and follow her blog!
I had a dream
I dove into a pool
But instead of water
It was shards of glass
And instead of cutting
It gifted me pieces
Healing the fragile
Brokenness I was
The glass I jumped through
Was the wall I had built
To keep people away
From the emotions I felt
The hatred and anger
The passion and fear
But most important of all
To keep away from the tears.
Sharp little daggers
That cut streaks into my face
Showing you a weakness
I couldn’t bear to share
My smile a façade
That protects my heart
From jealous strangers
Whose hearts bleed mold
We all must wear a mask
To hide our true impressions
A second skin to protect us
From reality’s discretions
Without the mask to hide us
We all would lose our minds
Without our mask to cradle us
Fear would leave us terrified.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

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