Yet another poem I wrote last year when I was trying to work through my depression.
I need all of you right now
I need to be reminded
Of who I once was
Who I want to be
I need to be reminded
That friends come and go
But family is forever
I don’t remember much
Been lost in hate
For far too long
I’ve let anger control me
When I wanted it to push
I’m stepping back though
I’m taking the wheel
The wheel that hate’s been holding.
I wanted hate to be my engine
But I let it steer the car
And the engine should drive the car
It should just make it move.
My memories are tainted and torn
And I only saw the dark
It’s time to see the light again
I won’t ask for much
So this may seem out of place
But this is my only request
I ask nothing more of you
Nothing else
This is my call to arms
My living and dying wish.
Please. Help me remember.
Help me remember who I was.
Tell me stories of things I’ve done.
The young troublemaker I once was
Is hiding in me still
But I don’t know where
and I need to find him.
©2012-2013 Alex Hicks

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