There’s an almost supernatural peace
That comes after a long rain don’t you think?
Like every person in the world
Has just gotten back from the brink of death.
And when the rain stops
And the sun glimmers off the puddles
We all congratulate each other
For another battle greatly won.
And for a brief moment in time
The universe is silent
Then everyone is back to the day to day grind.
But in that moment of peace
You can almost hear every thought
Saying: “We did it.”
©2013 Alex Hicks

5 thoughts on “Rainfall

  1. You know how much I love the rain.; I always writ about the rain.. it inspires me, emotionally. I refer to the rain as earths way of cleansing our spirits…

    I like this one Alex!! XO

  2. Sometimes the rain….burns like acid
    And the puddles threaten to swallow us
    Drowning us in liquid emotions
    That consume even the brightest suns

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