An Update!

So, I took a week off from everything last week (except work). In order to organize and play with my thoughts. Sorry I didn’t tell you :/

But the good news is, I’m back. With renewed inspiration and motivation, with insight, patience and dedication. Or at least I hope so lol.

My psychologist has me keeping a worry journal, to help me track the sources of my worry and deal with my anxiety. It isn’t something that I’m likely to post here, but it is helping me deal with my worry a lot.

I would also like to point out how important having friends is to me right now and should have been my entire life. My whole life I thought people only wanted to be my friends because I was useful to them or because I had something they wanted. I realize now, that I was wrong. My friends are my friends because of the personality traits that I possess that we share, or that they find attractive in me; the same reason that I desire to be friends with them. Friends who are only friends with you because they want something from you are not very good friends at all. I should have realized this a long time ago and it is probably the reason why I have lost so many friends throughout my life.

So, while I am incredibly grateful to all 245 of my followers for being there for me and reading my work and making this blog what it is today; there are two people who I feel deserve special mention. These three people who have hard times of their own, yet still find a way to cheer me up through writing duets, and even just writing daily reflections for me to read that make me think, are easily the closest friends I have ever made through the means of the internet. They are Hastywords, Jen at Think.Speak.Tryst. and Shruti at A Shade of Pen.Thank you to everyone, but a very special thanks goes to these people for being incredible people in my life.

Thank you
-Alex H.

6 thoughts on “An Update!

      1. is almost like a birthday present.. i am so glad you felt this way…lots of love for you… πŸ™‚ you know i have been meaning to tell you this for some time now..i really love this new look of ur site not that i hated the last one..but this is so bright and speaks of hope and life… πŸ™‚

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