The Bridge and the Sky

The bridge I cross is long and wide
With cables holding it on high
The towers peak so far above
Like the bridge and sky had fell in love
And yet I know that could they speak
The bridge would cry ever so weak
“Sky you are to far to reach
Please come down so we could speak.”
The sky would answer with regret
“I cannot for if we had met
The people under me would die
Without me floating here on high.”
The bridge would shudder and weep
But his love for her would forever keep
For as long as the bridge does stand
He is firmly held in place by land
But his love for her will remain strong
Until one day will come along
Where the bridge no longer stands
And the sky will weep into her hands
For she did not fall when she was asked
Because of the duty she was tasked
But the bridge had tried to reach so high
For the love he had for the beautiful sky.
©2013 Alex Hicks

2 thoughts on “The Bridge and the Sky

  1. I’m a sucker for soppy poems like this but still. This was great, amazing really, that’s probably why I ended up going ‘aww’ the whole way through. Especially, at the end. It’s well well-written and it’s so lovely. thumbs up 🙂

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