So this one isn’t my usual style. It kind of heirs on the side of humor.

I bear scars from indiscresion
As someone fed me misdirection
And if I could make one correction
I would wear sunscreen.
It was fun one summer morning
At the beach and we were scoring
Who am I kidding, it was boring
But I was young and stupid.
No one remembered to bring the lotion
Despite the very best of notions
And swimming out there at the ocean
That sun can sure get hot.
Taking a break sitting on the sand
Sick of water glad to be on land
I sat there far too long and
The sun did scar my back.
Second degree the doctors told
As they put on the lotion oh so cold
And of course my parents scold
That I should have worn sunscreen.
That was many years ago
And still the scars are there you know
So some advice for you to follow
Please; wear sunscreen.
©2013 Alex Hicks

3 thoughts on “Sunscreen

      1. I never put the sunscreen..makes me sweat profusely…so i could not cough any motivation..but reading this..I will perhaps dab a little 😛

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