Breaking Night

This one was written by myself and a good friend of mine, Hastywords. Go follow her if you aren’t doing so already.
Standing here with my back to the sun
While it brings the morning light
Flowers bloom and animals wake
As it breaks the calm of night
I can feel natures voice speak to me
Trying to reassure me all is right
But somehow the shadows cling
To my mood with all their might
Her voice is soft and calming
Taming the beast of fright
She whispers stories to me
To keep the sun within my sight
Tears wet my eyes as I hear her song
Her colors greet me in flowery traces
As I make my way towards tomorrow
I imagine my future full of happy faces
The world is full of hidden wonders
That we have to search to find
And sometimes that means slowing down
And getting left behind.
Stop and take a moment, take in the wonder of it all
The three dimensional beauty changing eloquently
We see it with our eyes, smell it with our nose
But it is how it talks to our hearts that matters most of all
©Alex Hicks and Hastywords

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