Time – The Immortal Wound

There’s no denying it
No hiding its truth
Can’t cover it up
Or return it to youth
It passes by unnoticed
It flows around unseen
It berates us when we’re old and grey
And drives us when we’re green
It is the undeniable
It shows no sympathy
It casts aside all differences
Gives the same to you and me
To ignore it would be foolish
To control it can’t be done
But it sometimes seems to stand still
And completely stop for some
But there it is around us
Giving order to our days
We spend forever watching it
Because we know no other way
But time is one of those things
That we should just leave alone
What’s past is past, the present is now
And the future can’t be known.
©2013 Alex Hicks

3 thoughts on “Time – The Immortal Wound

      1. That’s interesting. I think a lot has to do with what the past has involved and I’m certainly still trying to process a lot of things, especially the deaths of loved ones that have happened in the not too recent past in mine.

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