Extra Life – Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals Fundraiser

Hi everybody! I realize I haven’t posted anything in a week, but I’m working on something special with very good friend of mine which will be up whenever it’s done.

I really wanted to make a post to tell you about a fundraiser I’m taking part in on November 2nd this year. It’s called Extra Life. Basically how it works is that individuals or teams accept donations for with a combined goal of $500 which all gets donated to our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Then, on November 2nd, we sit down at one persons house and we play video games for 25-Hours straight. It sounds like it’s all fun and games but playing video games for 25-hours is a difficult thing to do.

All donations go directly to the hospital, it never even touches our hands, and it counts towards our totals. I’m not asking you to donate, I’m informing you of a fundraiser I am taking part in. It is up to you if you want to donate.

So, if you feel like donating to help sick kids get better, you can either support me individually, or you can support my team, or you can support a different team. Up to you. We’re just trying to have some fun, and make sick kids healthy while doing it.

To support me, simply click the donate now button at the top of the Extra Life webpage and search my name “Alex Hicks”.

To support my team, click the donate now button and search “Insert Coin to Continue”.

Even if you don’t donate
Even if you think about it
Then I’ve done my part.

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