Fuel For Life – A Duet

Everyone goes through hard times in their life, but I don’t know anyone who has had it harder than Jen over at Think.Speak.Tryst. This poem is a duet written with her over a lengthy period of time. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to head over to her blog and check out her work. She is an amazing poet and an amazing friend.

You see there’s this thing
It’s not a song to sing
Not a single line or verse
That says it could be worse

It’s this little bit of energy
That you pull right out of me
I love the way you bring
Me from the dark to sing

That simple worn out melody
The quiet symphonic harmony
That tells me when you are near
And sings the songs I need to hear

Music notes fall like rain drops
Feeling the moment, my heart stops
Craving just to hear you again
The music that lifts me deep within

A sonata from the very heart
Calming music all in part
Feelings flowing with the beat
As the lyrics and the rhythm meet

Listening to the melodic sounds
My innocence falling to the ground
Here I came to connect with you
Meet me somewhere where the sky is blue

Meet me where the ocean meets the sky
And together with our wings we’ll fly
Into beyond where the waters go
The comfort of the sunsets glow.

As the days fall one after the other
And I am challenged again, dear brother
My fears they quickly turn to rage
Needing peace, I turn the page

In my rage my fear is blinding
Without sight my conscience binding
My willful sorrows summon tears
While life begins to fuel my fears

©Alex Hicks and Jen of Think.Speak.Tryst

6 thoughts on “Fuel For Life – A Duet

  1. Oh .. you make me sound so, sad!!
    I have had a hard year, with the death of my brother, but believe it or not, there are people who are MUCH worse than me, dear friend. Maybe you say it like that cause we know eachother, and that always makes things more personal, when we see a friend suffering .. like if you were hurting, I would hurt for you, with you, much more so than a stranger ..

    With that said, thank you for being my friend and sharing word with me, through my first year without my brother. I will have eternal sadness from this loss.


    1. I didn’t mean to make you sound sad! I’m sorry!

      But I don’t know anyone who has had it harder than you 😛 That being said, I don’t know a lot of people. But the fact that you’re able to share your story with people shows that you have more courage than a lot of people I know as well.

      Thank you for writing with me, writing with you has given me so much inspiration for so many works of writing.

      I’ve never experienced loss on the same level as you have so I can’t say for sure that it gets easier, but I like to think it will; I like to hope it will.

      Time heals all wounds, but some wounds leave scars and scars are there to remind you of what made them, so you never forget.

      1. You know, you never think that these kind of terribly sad things are going to happen to you .. I was the last person who ever thought she would lose her only brother. It is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

        Thank you for being such a good friend. I love writing with you!! I have enjoyed getting to know you more and more this whole last year!! Our friendship is very important to me, as I hold and cherish all my good friends very close to my heart.

        Good friends are hard to find … people are usually so consumed with themselves these days, and the world is sadly cruel, most of the time.

        It’s all going to be OK though. I am strong and I will make it through this. It’s always hard, at first, adjusting to changes, but I’ll adjust and I’ll keep writing, and smiling, and sharing my story, and giving Soulshine … because that is who I am, and I’ll never stop being me.

        I think you are awesome Alex!! Thank you for being you!!


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