Anger and Betrayal (“Outside” by Hollywood Undead)

So some bad stuff happened today in my family, not a death; no, someone was arrested and charged with something that I believe is one of the most intolerable offences. Someone, might I add, who I’ve always been quite close to. I won’t tell you exactly exactly what it was, but it left my brain confused. I didn’t know whether to be angry, scared, or sad; or any combination of the three. After writing a letter to my family that neither they or the world will ever see, I’ve decided that anger is right at this moment. Anger is the right feeling for now. How this healing process progresses will determine how I feel in the future, but anger is right as of this moment. Anger and disappointment. He’s betrayed my trust, and he will never get it back. He knows who he is, and he will never see this, but he also knows that he’s forever broken my trust.
Anger feels so right right now. So right.

2 thoughts on “Anger and Betrayal (“Outside” by Hollywood Undead)

  1. I have been right where you are except the person I knew killed them self. I was horrified, shocked, disgusted, sad, angry, and I still have dreams I will never be able to stop. Anger is part of it…I am so very sorry to hear this. My love to you.

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