Broken Silence – A Duet

Another poem written by myself and Shruti of A Shade of Pen. She’s a wonderful poet and I always have so much fun writing with her. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Go follow her.

It’s been forever,
Since I heard
The sound that the world calls
The voice of your heart

The sound of a thousand memories
I thought lost, but now are found
Once more we sing in unison
Two voices of the song

No words can match
The beauty of the smile
That grazed my face
As my eyes AGAIN fell on you.

Dancing, swaying, to and fro
The words flow unrestrained
A graceful smile fitting, no?
Trading glances once again.

A hundred words between us
And still we talk in signs
Sometimes, words fail to register
The things that eyes tell

Yet a hundred words unspoken
Heard only by our minds
The words of the heart are silent
Just as the hands of time

©2014 Alex Hicks and Shruti (A Shade of Pen)

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