And It Hurts

You know, these masks I wear, the ones I hide behind,
They’re fragile. People keep breaking them and I keep getting hurt
But isn’t that exactly what the mask is supposed to stop?
Isn’t it supposed to protect me?
I guess I just don’t know anymore.
It’s hard to pretend that everything is okay
When everything hurts
It’s hard to face the truth
When you’ve been lying for so long.
And it hurts.
I can’t cry anymore, I’ve cried too much
Too many tears have seen the light of day
And the light of day has seen too many of my tears
But I reach for people all the time
Because this loneliness is deadly
This loneliness is life altering
Shattering the way I think
And it hurts.
It hurts so much…and I don’t know how to stop it.
©2014 Alex Hicks

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