June 10th, 2013: I Want it All (Update!)

Hi everybody! First, let me say, WOW!. 282 Followers. More than I thought I’d ever have.
Of course, 50 was more than I thought I’d ever have.
Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments and reblogs and shares my work around the interwebs. It means so much to me that people want to read what I write. I could not thank you all enough 🙂
Last week, Time became the most liked poem I’ve posted at 49 likes as of 10/06/2013 at 7:45am ADT. Thanks so much guys and gals!
On to the update!
Some big changes are ahead for me in the coming months. Not so much on this blog, aside from hoping to be able to write more, but in real life.
I’ve been going to a psychologist for the past few months and after our very last session on friday, I came to the sudden realization that if I want to do what I dream of doing in my life, I need to get off my ass and start doing something and not just talk about it; so I’m doing something about it.
In a couple days I’m going to get my beginners drivers license and book my road test. I’m looking for a One-Bedroom or Bachelor Apartment not far from work as to give me quite a bit more free time, as well as looking into some dating websites because I think I’m finally ready to be in a relationship again. I’ve also been looking at getting a new car; but that all hinges on me getting my license. I’ve already failed the road test once so I should be able to ace it this time right?
Anyway, that’s it for this update, I’ll post a couple poems in a bit, and I’ll give you guys another update next monday!
-Alex H.

Saving Face

Through driving rain and blinding snow
I will keep walking on
Because one day the sun will shine again
And sing my favourite song.

The song of life and love and truth
To brighten up my day
The chorus will ring beautifully
In each and every way.

I will not let fear take me
I will not let it win
With the courage I hold inside
I will fight it from within.

Through diving rain and blinding snow
My life will find its place
My motivations solid
I’m only saving face.

So let the the rain fall freely
And let the snow cover the ground
The music will steel my resolve
And drown out all the sound.

©2013 Alex Hicks

(27/02/2013) But for a Song

Stepping in time
To the beat of the rhyme
Just might be a sign
Of the things that are mine
As I tuck and sway
In an unusual way
I wish I could say
that I wanted to stay
So say goodbye to me
And you’ll no longer see
The desires I please
The the things I want to be.
But each day I move on
And soon I’ll be gone
But for the song
That keeps me moving along.
©2013 Alex Hicks

A Bit of Motivation

So I am a huge country music fan. So I decided I’d post some of the most motivational songs from my collection of country to help motivate those that need it.
Joe Nichols – The Impossible

Garth Brooks – Standing Outside the Fire

Emerson Drive – Moments

Brad Paisley – Letter to Me

And finally…
Kenny Chesney – The Good Stuff

Just a little big of motivation for people. I know these songs helped me through some rough times, hopefully they will for you too.

Whiskey Lullaby

Now if you’ve read my about page, you know that I enjoy most genres of music. That includes country. Mostly country from the 90s/early 2000’s. Brad Paisley is one of the few country artists that still sounds like the country music I love. This song is easily one of the best songs I have ever heard.

Epica: Unleashed

Music Video Time!

All color fading.
Time coming for me.
My inspiration.
Receding consciousness.

Back in the day, I can recall that
My thoughts were unclouded and sage.
There was no black
Staining the walls of my memories.

Now there’s a haze pushing me sideways,
And leaving me nothing to gain,
Taking me back,
Locking me cold in disparity.

Where was I meant to be?
I feel I’m lost in a dream.
Long for the day I can be myself.

When I’m free,
When my sun has set,
Released my soul forever,
I’ll have no regret
To be free.
I’ll exist again.
No more lost endeavors.
Nothing to contend
When I’m free.

Color declines all that defines me
Is falling away, far behind.
Nothing to keep me with the time,
The here and now.

Where am I meant to be?
I feel I’m lost in a dream,
Yearning again only to be myself.

When I’m free,
When my sun has set,
Released my soul forever,
I’ll have no regret
To be free.
I’ll exist again.
No more lost endeavors.
Nothing to contend
When I’m free.

– (Cure me, free me, help me, see me
– No more worry, no more losing)

Time is just a concept
– (Save me, near me, help me, hear me.)
And always the first thing to fade.
– (No more heartache, no misery.)
Agony and weakness,
– (Cure me, free me, help me, see me.)
Nothing we can never evade.
– (No more worry, no agony.)

Years are cruel, they break us,
– (Save me, near me, help me, hear me.)
Bringing on decay and despair, (we despair)
– (No more heartache, no despairing.)
Awareness and perception.
– (Cure me, free me, help me, see me.)
Something we can never repair. (No repair)
– (No more worry, no repairing.)

Freedom for me is all I’m really wanting, needing.
Give me power to break out,
I can’t hold on for any longer.
My time has come to end it all.

No one to blame,
Fate’s only random.
It’s nothing we’ll ever explain.
So it remains.

Where was I meant to be?
I feel I’m lost in a dream
Long for the day I can be myself…
When will I be unleashed?
It’s not the way it should be,
Yearning again only to be myself.

(Unleash my consciousness!)

When I’m free,
When my sun has set,
Released my soul forever,
I’ll have no regret
To be free.
I’ll exist again.
No more lost endeavors.
Nothing to contend
When I’m free.


I was reading an article on 30 ways to improve yourself. One of them was to find a mantra. The minute I read that tip, I knew what my mantra would be. About a year ago I worked in retail (never again) and one of the only things that kept me going was a phrase I read on a website a long time ago. I had it printed and stuck to the back of my name tag.

“No matter how bad things may get, the music will still be beautiful.”

That’s my mantra. A bit long, but I don’t care. It’s meaningful to me.

The Cowboy In Me

This song is one of the most motivational songs I have ever listened to.

I grew up in the rural area of Ontario, Brighton to be exact. It’s kinda hard to grow up that far out in the sticks without picking up a few “redneck” habits. I guess I picked em up, and they stuck. It’s just who I am.

I love this song.


Time for an update!
First, holy crap! 16 Followers! That’s 16 more followers than I thought I’d get! Thank you to everyone who comments and likes and follows me/things I post. I am in your debt. I initially created this blog to show my poetry to my closest friends who I invited to the site. After 3 weeks of me posting and none of them wanting to read anything, I decided to open it to the public eye. just over 2 weeks later, I have 16 followers and lots of views! It has been a huge boost to my self-esteem and it has encouraged me to write more. Thank you everyone.
Second, I will start reading my poems and posting it on YouTube probably around the middle of October. All of my recording equipment is currently packed for moving on October 1st, so once I get moved in and set up, I’ll start recording and adding relevant images/music to the poems. I also intend to create my own music to put in the videos. Should be an interesting attempt.
Third! I’m thinking about writing one poem a day for a year. Topics are one thing I am not short of for poetry, and I love writing. Suggest ideas and other things that might help with that.
And finally, I welcome all constructive criticism on anything I write. The more I have the better my poems will be in the long run so if you notice something I could improve on, speak up!
Thanks again!
-Alex H.

P.S. I need a good suggestion for a title for the blog. Poet’s Brain isn’t really all that great because poetry comes from the heart first the brain second.