It Will Not Scar My Heart

Where does the sunshine end and the dark of night begin?
When does the joy inside oneself give way to the dark within?
Where does the path of love give leave and the world falls away?
Where sunshine ends and night begins to engulf the light of day.
I dance the only dance I know, the one that stems the pain;
and step by step I move and sway, and hope it stops the rain.
But at every move and every turn the thunder sounds a drum
and reminds me of the life I live and that I cannot run.
Once upon a time I stepped to a rhythm of my own.
To a harmony and melody that I one time had grown;
and to that beat I danced and danced and quelled the little fears
that grew and grew and danced with me and with them grew my tears.
Until one day it hit me like the calm before the storm,
that on my mind the little fears had beaten, grabbed and torn.
Until the thoughts to which I stepped had began to bleed
and the little thoughts – anxieties – on them began to feed
My dance began to lose its fire, it’s passion, warmth, and zeal;
And the fears that ripped ferociously, began to feel so real
No longer could I dance and sway, to hide all that I felt,
with all my calm collected thoughts, my walls began to melt.
The rain it burned like acid and the thunder shook my core,
and although I tried to carry on, I knew that I could dance no more.
Beneath the weight of my own thoughts, I dropped down to my knees
and let the tears fall from my eyes as the ground began to freeze.
But just when I had given up, I saw a glimmer through the haze
A little spark, a light of hope, from my knees I began to raise
and the more I looked upon the light, the bigger it would grow
but the more I moved towards it, the further it would go.
When I stopped it did the same, but brighter still it grew
as it did I felt more and more that I would make it through.
Slowly I began to dance, to step and sway once more
despite the wind and driving rain, I’d never felt like this before.
Now I know that although strong, there is more here than the rain,
and as the light grows brighter I know that I can do the same
Although the storm has raged so long and left parts of me scarred
No matter how much it may try, it will not scar my heart.
©2015 Alex Hicks


Sometimes tears say all there is to say
Stories of the ones who faded away
The greats, the quiet, the secluded, alone
The fondness for them that we’ve grown
Sometimes the end is all that we can see
And sometimes it’s not as bright as it could be
But we push on because it’s all we know
No matter how bleak, to the darkness we go
Sometimes all we hear is the sound of defeat
Wherever we go, whoever we may meet
It rings and we ignore it, push it back in our mind
But always it is there, always it’s inside
Sometimes we just want to quit
Life’s too hard, the grind, the grit
But someone’s there to hold you up
To hold your hand, someone to trust
But sometimes, there’s no one there
At rock bottom, alone in stale air
When you hit rock bottom, you learn fast
That just when you land, rock bottom hits back.
Sometimes…I just want to let the darkness win.
©2014 Alexander Hicks

What Makes a Poet

What Makes a Poet
Writing a few lines of verse
Doesn’t make you a songwriter
Just as a few letters on a page
Doesn’t make you a book writer

Rhyming words strung together
Does not a poet make
Nor are you a singer
With a few notes on the page.

But every poem must start
By a single written line
And expanded with experience
And tempered over time

The ability to write
does not make a poet
You can know what a pen is
But not know how to use it

See, what makes a poet
Is not the ability to write
It’s the emotions of the artist
It’s the driving will to fight

It’s the experiences had
That really make them think
Emotions boiled over
In some simple drops of ink

©2013 Alex Hicks


Listen to the chirping
Of the robin having fun
Rising early in the day
To greet the morning sun
It sings of ages lost in time
Of voices left unheard
The songs ignored by all of us
By the beutiful songbird
Listen to the whistling
of the sparrow in the morn
It is through this that we can live
And how our mind can form
It sings of heroes time forgot
That ignorance has burned
The songs ignored by all of us
By the beautiful songbird
Listen to the squaking
Of the most obnoxious crow
realize they look down on us
For the hatred we bestow
It sings of blood shed time again
Like painfull ragweed burrs
The songs ignored by all of us
By the beautiful songbird
Listen to the canary chorus
To the beauty of its sound
Of deeds deed of caring people
Of the beauty it has found.
It sings of friendships meant to last
Beyond the single word
So often ignored by all of us
By the beautiful songbird.
So don’t ignore the songbird
It gives what we require
The beauty to shape our lives
Into that which we desire.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Death Comes

I stand here on the coldest night;
as winters frost drifts slowly in.
The hue of the sky drizzled with light
swirled over where I once had been.
I overheard them speak again;
o’er my research I afixed my gaze.
In a crowded room they spoke o’ the end;
foreshadowing the end of days.
They sized me up like a slab of meat;
no doubt that they had known at once.
My satisfaction; honey sweet,
as they began to turn and run.
My deep-gray robes began to sway
as step by step I did approach.
Their lungs tightened; my sickle raised
and without pause I took them both.
So once again on a lifeless night,
Death shows his face to take a life.
©2013 Alex Hicks

The Edge of Sanity

edge of the earth
I walk the edge of sanity
With nothing but this vanity
I’m on the edge looking out
At what this life is all about.
So I stand on the brink
And it helps me think
That if I’m not on this wall
I’ll feel nothing at all.
Because drifting below me
Is something I can’t see
Something I keep confronting
That keeps me from jumping.
So why am I walking on the edge
Looking down from the highest ledge?
because my sanity hinders all that I do
So now I stand here and admire the view.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Descent Into Madness

Why do I fight it?
I’m tired of conflict.
I think that it’s time I gave in.
Let anger course through me
How could I not foresee
That in battling anger, he’ll win.
Won’t let it control
My life as a whole
But to push me where I need to go.
Drive me to madness
Out of this sadness
Why keep swimming against the flow.
©2012 Alex Hicks


Did I mention I hate winter?
Every day is colder than the last
Casting fewer shorter shadows
Eerie moonlit nights
Making snowmen used to be fun
Brighter nights with moonlit snow
Everyone has a favourite season
Really strange if it’s winter.