Write With Me!

So this is inspired by writing Duets with Hastywords and Jen, as well as a few others I’ve got planned for the near future. It is something new I’m trying with my blog, and I hope to get a very good response from it.

The idea is simple, I want to write poems with my followers.
The Method is as follows:

Step 1: You send me a submission following the guidelines below.
Step 2: I send you an e-mail containing my response.
Step 3: You respond to that email with your response to my response
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until we both agree that the poem has ended.
Step 5: We both post it on our websites with links back to each others pages.
Step 6: Rinse and repeat.

1. E-Mail: I require your e-mail because this is how I will be getting in touch with you after you submit the first portion of a piece you want to write with me.
2. Name: Your name is optional, however, I would like names as when credited for the poem I will either credit your name, or your wordpress blog. (your choice)
3. WordPress Blog: I would like to have the link to your wordpress blog (if you have one) or your website if you aren’t on wordpress.
4. Submission: This section is where you will be typing in your submission. My only request that it be no longer than 8 lines or 1-2 stanzas. They can be in any poetic form you wish and I will try to write in a similar form. Using the submission block you can also send me links to images or videos you want me to write from!
5. Comments: This section is for any special requests you may have regarding the poem. You can include ideas or the intended mood for the poem, or whatever you wish to put here. Also this is a good spot to tell me if you want me to reference your wordpress blog, or your name when the poem is posted (if you included both).

** = If one of these is left empty, I will use the other to credit you when the poem is posted. If both of these are left empty, you will be credited as “©2013 Alex Hicks and Anonymous” and there won’t be a link back to your page! Oh no!

5 thoughts on “Write With Me!

  1. I haven’t written a poem in years and am not sure I’m brave enough to try it, but I do enjoy these blog collaboration opportunities, so give me a little while and we’ll see if I can come up with anything. 🙂

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