Okay, this page is going to showcase my categories so I can keep them off of my sidebar. The menu for it is also a drop down so you can select the category you wish from there. This page briefly describes what I put in each category. -Alex H.

Lyrics For the parts of lyrics I feel I need/want to share it with you. Typically they are meaningful lyrics but occasionally they won’t be.
Music I will be sharing full songs here along with embedded YouTube videos or audio clips.
 -Music Videos This is for the music videos I find that I love that I just feel like sharing. This won’t have very many posts.
Photos This will be for the photos I take/have taken. (when I get my camera out again.)
Poetry This is where all of my poetry will go. Along with the occasional poem by one of the greater poets. This will likely at all times have more posts than any other category.
Quotes This category contains quotes by many famous people from many different eras.
Thoughts These are usually going to be quick thoughts I have while commuting back and forth between work and home. Most of the time these will be posted from my phone.
Update This is for the updates that usually are related to things I’m doing to improve my blog. Feel free to comment on this page if you have any suggestions.
Videos This is for videos that aren’t music related. I’ll be posting videos of myself recording my poetry once I start recording things.
Writers Tools This is the place where I tell everyone about the tools I use/have used to make myself a better writer. Most of this will be online resources and such, but occasionally I’ll have some physical resources and methods here.

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