Time – The Immortal Wound

There’s no denying it
No hiding its truth
Can’t cover it up
Or return it to youth
It passes by unnoticed
It flows around unseen
It berates us when we’re old and grey
And drives us when we’re green
It is the undeniable
It shows no sympathy
It casts aside all differences
Gives the same to you and me
To ignore it would be foolish
To control it can’t be done
But it sometimes seems to stand still
And completely stop for some
But there it is around us
Giving order to our days
We spend forever watching it
Because we know no other way
But time is one of those things
That we should just leave alone
What’s past is past, the present is now
And the future can’t be known.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Why Are We Here?

This late at night
The best inspiration comes
The best ideas
The best thoughts
All flow from within
The earths own shadow
When the sun drops
From the horizon
The moon can run its course
Spreading inspiration
And idea creation
In the face of the dawn
The results of night are clear
That this world that we live in
This world we created
Is why we are here.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Midnight Rain – Into Dawn

Into Dawn
A flash of lightning lights my face
and the thunder shakes the ground
The flashes are bright blinding
The rain falls all around
It drowns all that I hoped to see
It pours on all my dreams
And I don’t think it will end soon
Or ever so it seems.
But the rippled mirrors it creates
That reflect flashes of lightning
It’s almost awe inspiring
Almost so its frightening
But as the thunder crashes
And the rain pours from the sky
There’s no need to sit and wonder
There’s no need to sit and cry
Midnight rain is beautiful
For once you know it’s gone
Because once the storm is over
We will all look into dawn.
©2013 Alex Hicks

You’re Beautiful

I don’t care who you are
You’re beautiful
You can deny it
Lie about it
Try and hide it
But I can still see it
The world doesn’t care
When we shed tears
The world doesn’t end
Because of something someone said
Because words are words
And writing is feeling
And feeling is beautiful
Just like you.
Now if only you could see it too.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Water of Life

Will fall
Not wanted.
You may feel sad
But know life itself
Depends on the downpour
For the trees to grow taller
For all of the flowers to bloom
Don’t feel sad when skies open up
The water that falls; the water of life.
©2013 Alex Hicks


Saying I don’t want the help
Isn’t saying I don’t need it
But in the past when others did
I’d felt I’d been defeated.

Because I enjoy my independence
I enjoy my spending my free time
Doing things just by myself
When I don’t feel like trying.

But it’s all about the company
The ones who stick with you
No matter how hard hard times may get
It not the many, but the few.

They are your true companions
Friends until the end
And once you hit rock bottom
They’ll still be glad to call you friend.

So yes I may be stubborn
And I may come across unkind
But rest assured I’ll be there too
If you should fall behind.

©2013 Alex Hicks


Yet another poem I wrote last year when I was trying to work through my depression.
I need all of you right now
I need to be reminded
Of who I once was
Who I want to be
I need to be reminded
That friends come and go
But family is forever
I don’t remember much
Been lost in hate
For far too long
I’ve let anger control me
When I wanted it to push
I’m stepping back though
I’m taking the wheel
The wheel that hate’s been holding.
I wanted hate to be my engine
But I let it steer the car
And the engine should drive the car
It should just make it move.
My memories are tainted and torn
And I only saw the dark
It’s time to see the light again
I won’t ask for much
So this may seem out of place
But this is my only request
I ask nothing more of you
Nothing else
This is my call to arms
My living and dying wish.
Please. Help me remember.
Help me remember who I was.
Tell me stories of things I’ve done.
The young troublemaker I once was
Is hiding in me still
But I don’t know where
and I need to find him.
©2012-2013 Alex Hicks

(07/01/2013) Leave Them Behind

ship sailing
Judge me as you will
Look down on me from high
I know you seek the thrill
But I’m not going to lie.
Who I am is who I am
And that will never change
And all those who expect me to
Can get out of my way.
Because I’m going places
Making something of my life
And all of those who held me back
Will soon be out of sight.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(06/01/2013) Knowing Defeat

How does it feel,
to know that you’ve failed?
Does it make your heart burn,
with every breath you inhale?
I know how it feels;
I’ve been there before.
It’s kind of like waves,
crashing on the shore.
And just like waves
failure washes in,
and though you may fight it;
you’ll never win.
So the sooner you accept it,
the better you’ll be.
Because what is success,
if you don’t know defeat?
©2013 Alex Hicks

Sorry about this one being a day late, I got the date mixed up in my head so I set the publish date wrong lol my mistake. -Alex H.