When someone who is very dear
Decides it’s time to disappear
And leave you alone, leave you here.
I will be near. I will be near.
When you feel lost and no one cares
Yet in your head the sirens blare
And you think everyone will stare
I will be there. I will be there.
When the sorrow appears to boast
Of what it is that you hate most
Just when you think that you are toast
I will be close. I will be close.
When all hope is lost to the tide
The light in you will not reside
When the time comes you need a guide
I’ll stand beside. I’ll stand beside.
When darkness comes to roam the halls
And leave his markings on your walls
Before you take that final fall
I will stand tall. I will stand tall.
When your pure heart cannot detect
The dark that’s coming to collect
When you’re convinced you can’t correct
I will protect. I will protect.
When it appears you’ve come undone
It is not time to turn and run
There is still hope as there is sun
As we are one. As we are one.
©2012 Alex Hicks

I never intended to reference this to BioShock, but in a way it fits. 😛


I see it all the time
It just might be a sign
Things that people usually don’t
Or maybe they just simply won’t
The simple things that people do
To cover up the person who
They don’t want to let out
So I question and I doubt
The honesty of people here
When they can’t even see through fear
Not knowing how one may react
Fearing what some might say back
so they ask it to themselves
until in their head like wedding bells
the only answer they know for true
Is that they have not a single clue
As to why people act this way
But I’ll continue day to day
Watching people wear their masks
And whenever someone asks
I will simply reply
They will remove it, give them time.
©Alex Hicks

I Will Not

Insult me; call me nasty names
But I refuse to play your games
You’ll try and try after you start
I will not take insults to heart.
Punch me; kick me and push me down
I will not let you see my frown
In this charade I’ve played my part
I will not take insults to heart.
You will not win I know for sure
Can’t penetrate a heart so pure
You must now know that I’m too smart
I will not take insults to heart.
©2012 Alex Hicks

Parallel Postulate (Oranges)

The Bard of Liminga

How far must we walk before our parallel lines converge?

They say you can ride a bicycle on the abandoned rail lines
of Patagonia, wheels on one rail and an outrigger on the other,
all the way to Tierra del Fuego.

                                                          You know parallel lines
don’t meet in the Euclidean plane, but we live on a sphere
where the meridians cross twice, at the poles, so all things
are joined,

                     like sections of an orange, beneath the skin,
at the point of the navel, around the axis of desire.

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Lost Before the Light

So I’m sitting at my desk (slow day at the office); organizing the poems that I have transcribed from my notebook into documents in Notepad++, and I come across a title I do not remember. I didn’t remember writing it until I read it and according to the document properties; I wrote it on November 13th. That was during the week where my anxiety/depression kind of took a nose dive. I read it and I realized that even then I knew that all hope was not lost. So here it is. -Alex H.


I am at war with myself
One side happy, the other sad.
And when this war is over
Only one side will be glad.
It isn’t really a war
As each side only has one soul
The soul in which they live
Both with the same goal.
I call them light and dark
And at this present time
Dark is driving light away
When I want light to shine.
Dark is pushing hardest
And light has lost all hope
Hope lay bleeding on the battle field
And courage’s heart is broke.
Dark has taken casulties
Despair and common greed.
But despite Love’s better warning
Darkness will not heed.
They continue to push forward
While light is stepping back
Losing at the last defense
My life has gone off track.
But I’m not giving up.
Because hope may lie in blood
But I have a secret
That will make darkness run.
But until I can use that secret
to push back the dark of night
I will remain where I now stand
Lost before the light.
©2012 Alex Hicks


Did I mention I hate winter?
Every day is colder than the last
Casting fewer shorter shadows
Eerie moonlit nights
Making snowmen used to be fun
Brighter nights with moonlit snow
Everyone has a favourite season
Really strange if it’s winter.

The Show

The curtains are drawn
And all that you see
Is a man in a chair
Who could he be?
In his hands is a book
With a red leather spine
Bound with white thread
It has seen a long time.
He cracks the book open
And begins to read
A story unfolds
As we begin to see
As each word is spoken
A new actor appears
To act out his tale
And give sight to our ears.
It’s a performance you see
An actor in show
And I can’t recall
How this story goes.
All I can recall
Is how it will end
So sit now and listen
To me your ears lend.
The ending is short
And sadly not bright
With the man on a stretcher
Exit stage right.
©2012 Alex Hicks