Update: Updates.

Okay, so I post waaaaay too many updates. So starting this Friday, I’ll be doing weekly updates. So that means an update by 4pm Atlantic Time every Friday.

These updates will go over the general happening of the week, and they will also include a table containing links to all of the poems I wrote that week.

That’s pretty much all this update is for.

Oh, and if/whenever I get to 100 followers on here, I’ll purchase a domain name. So it will be like alexhicks.com or something.

okay. cool.


Certainly I would
Offer you some
For it is the
Finest beverage.
Energy in a mug!
Erringly, I drank it all. Sorry.
©2012 Alex Hicks

I thought only my phone had a vibrate function. (Turns out I do too). Drank waaaaaaaay too much coffee this morning before work. Shaking now, hard to type. -Alex H.

The Storm

It rages without mercy
Howling of the winds
Echos of the cries
Of those who were lost
The unstoppable force
With no immovable object
to block its path
It pushed on.
Many lost loved ones
Many left stranded
Many left with nothing
Yet still they push on
The storm is passing
Its damage has done
But all will stand strong
The storm has come and gone.
©2012 Alex Hicks

My heart goes out to those effected by hurricane sandy. We’ll be getting a bit of the wind and rain here in Halifax, but nothing like what was felt in NYC or even in southwestern Nova Scotia.

My heart also goes out to those who were on the tall ship HMS Bounty when it sank off the coast of North Carolina from Sandy’s ferocious winds and rough seas. I hope you all get home safe and I hope they find the last crew member. To the family of Claudene Christian, despite the fact that you’ll probably never see this, I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

-Alex H.

The Cowboy In Me

This song is one of the most motivational songs I have ever listened to.

I grew up in the rural area of Ontario, Brighton to be exact. It’s kinda hard to grow up that far out in the sticks without picking up a few “redneck” habits. I guess I picked em up, and they stuck. It’s just who I am.

I love this song.

Poetry For the Poisoned Pt.I: Incubus

There was a time when I was young
A boy with bold ambitions
There was a time when I could tell the crooked from the wicked one

There was a song that someone sung
A hint of recognition
There was a time I knew you well enough to know you won’t be gone

Come with me tonight
Tell me how it feels to be alive

There was a time I had respect
A name, a reputation
There was a time when I could watch myself without being disgraced

Come with me tonight
Let us find a place where we can hide
Come into the light
Let me show you how we stay alive

The word incubus means to lie on
And it was believed that any heavy feeling in bed
Such as a weight pressing down on your chest
Especially accompanied by nightmares
Was a sure sign that an incubus had attempted
To have nocturnal intercourse with you.
Given the religious fervor of the middle ages
It’s not altogether surprising that
The idea of a demon lover was believed to account for this phenomenon.

Update #12: All of the Things.

I’m thinking of adding another category on here which would be for the long paragraphs that I write which contain the essence of my inspiration. Things like this and this. However, I’m not going to make a category for it if no one wants to read it. So, of the 52 followers…holy crap…52 followers!? *ahem* one moment I’ll finish what I was saying. So, of the 52 followers I have here and other followers on Facebook (some are the same I know.) I really need comments on this post telling me whether or not you would read that kind of thing. It would contain things like the two that I have already written plus other random high-school-length essay thoughts I may have related to anything in my life. Please! Let me know in the comments.

On that note, I take you back to the thought that interrupted the previous paragraph. 52 followers! just on WordPress! ahhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t believe how successful this blog is. (I know it’s not successful compared to other blogs, but its successful for me.)

Most people don’t realize how difficult it was for me to start this blog. You see I am hyper-critical about everything I do. (Carving a pumpkin last night was stressful for me because I’m no good at it. You’ll get a photo later today about that.) It shouldn’t have been but it was. I am working on that issue slowly. So for me to take my writing and post it for the world to look at whenever they want was a big contributor to my stressful mind. I’m quickly outrunning my fear of sharing my writing though which is nice. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it were not for all of the people who read every poem that I post. Thank you all very much.

In other news, recording is starting tonight I believe. I think I’ve gotten everything sorted out, I just don’t know which poem to read first. I’m thinking either The Monster in Me or Sky Colors. Let me know what you think.

Also, I’m going to join the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS) on Thursday. $45.00CDN per year for membership and it gives me access to many resources and access to office/studio space. Plus, discounted rates for WFNS workshops and events. Hopefully it turns out to be worth the money.

Okay, that’s it for now, You’ll probably see a couple more acrostic poems today, as mentioned in the post Inspiration, I’m feeling very “acrostic” today.

Alex H.


For some reason or another, I’m feeling very acrostic today. -Alex H.

I‘ve lost it
Never found
Sympathetic thoughts
Invigorated yet
Aware of the
Truth that
Inspiration is the
Open wound which
Never heals.


Lost in my own sorrow
Searching for answers
To questions
I have yet to ask.
Answers to simple questions
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is the point of it all?
It hit me then
Clear as mud
The answers came
But the questions lost
Because life
Isn’t about questions
It’s about answers
It’s about learning
Life is about
getting answers
to questions
we never asked.
©2012 Alex Hicks