night sky
Every night I lie awake
and think about the night,
and how the moon will not partake,
in bleeding off the light.
How terrifying night can be,
when the world drifts to sleep.
Easier for none to see,
The secrets that we keep.
But when darkness dons its cowl;
when the sun goes down and brings the night;
with wolf and owl, hoot and howl;
I fear not the dark, only the light.
©2012 Alex Hicks

Balance is Key

All you will see
when you look at me
Is the fire that pushes the light
And if deeper you go
Then you will know
Why the fire goes on with its fight.
The thing about fire
Is not that it requires
Fuel a spark and some air
But that without light
The shadows it fights
Would never really be there.
So if I am right
And you have the light
Just remember that balance is key
This balance of life
Is sharp like a knife
And we need both to create harmony.
©2012 Alex Hicks

Lost in the Shadows of my Mind

The darkness surrounds me
I’ve lost my way
Where I go from here
Even I cannot say
I once had let hope
Shine bright and true
Now the blinds are all closed
That once let light through
The clock ticks slower
As time drifts away
And as I am devoured
I give into the sway
The hands of the clock
a blurred image at best
Are only counting down
to my eternal rest
But I know it gets better
The visions restore
As time regains focus
And I am whole once more
Until that day comes
Until hope guides my way
Surrounded by darkness
In my mind I shall stay
©2012 Alex Hicks