Concede your ignorance
On broken words no longer fall
Not looking back at choices made
For the future is unknown
If failure is your Achilles heel
Do not give it power
Everyone must fail sometimes
Never let your fear
Condemn your life for
Everyone has the power to choose.


Found beaten and left for dead
Once great, I had fallen
Rage filled me, anger fueled me
Generating hatred towards the world
I realized that I need to stop the
Vain thoughts of revenge
Eventually we must forgive
Never act on vengeful thoughts
Else be faced with the sad truth
Sorrow awaits the vengeful and
Solitude awaits the betrayer



She sits alone in silence
In the darkness of her mind
Like watching waterfalls
Her thoughts leave her behind
Open books lay scattered
Under piles of torn up paper
Each page a fractured memory
The shadow that was her life
That tortured her each day
Ending over and over again

©2013 Alex Hicks


alarm clock
I lie awake in my bed
Not able to sleep
Someone must be talking about me
Or maybe I’m just thinking too much
My brain is in overdrive
Never stopping or slowing down
I think I need to fix my life.
All is clearly not well.
©2013 Alex Hicks
I also did an image for this one in ms paint 😀 Let me know what you think, and I may do more of my poems as images.
Insomnia - By Alex Hicks


Did I mention I hate winter?
Every day is colder than the last
Casting fewer shorter shadows
Eerie moonlit nights
Making snowmen used to be fun
Brighter nights with moonlit snow
Everyone has a favourite season
Really strange if it’s winter.


I need to sleep
Next night up again
Sometimes I wish sleep was
One thing that was always certain
Maybe someday it will be
Not now though.
Insomnia is very
©2012 Alex Hicks


Opening doors
Pleasure or pain
Passive resistance?
Raging denial?
The truth hides
Under the stories
Never told
In hopes
That one day
Your dreams will come true.


Fight or flight
Each a valid riposte
Against your
Rising fears.
©2012 Alex Hicks

I wrote this yesterday at lunch time…then forgot to post it. It was a busy day. 🙂
-Alex H.