Breaking Night

This one was written by myself and a good friend of mine, Hastywords. Go follow her if you aren’t doing so already.
Standing here with my back to the sun
While it brings the morning light
Flowers bloom and animals wake
As it breaks the calm of night
I can feel natures voice speak to me
Trying to reassure me all is right
But somehow the shadows cling
To my mood with all their might
Her voice is soft and calming
Taming the beast of fright
She whispers stories to me
To keep the sun within my sight
Tears wet my eyes as I hear her song
Her colors greet me in flowery traces
As I make my way towards tomorrow
I imagine my future full of happy faces
The world is full of hidden wonders
That we have to search to find
And sometimes that means slowing down
And getting left behind.
Stop and take a moment, take in the wonder of it all
The three dimensional beauty changing eloquently
We see it with our eyes, smell it with our nose
But it is how it talks to our hearts that matters most of all
©Alex Hicks and Hastywords

Lead The Charge

I put myself there.
I dug my own grave
I was ready to give up
I was ready to quit
To stop trying.
I had built walls around myself
And everytime I said I would tear them down
I just built them thicker
A different kind of self harm
A different kind of suicide.
But I stopped.
Someone reached out to me
To pull me from my dark place
And into the light I had glimpsed.
I didn’t give up
I didn’t quit
And unbeknownst to me
I had more friends than I thought.
Friends I didn’t even know about
Watching unseen from the sidelines of my life
Concerned with where I was going
But unable to really help.
And now, I can see all of them
I no longer have friends on the sidelines
I can now see them
Fighting with me
Fighting their own demons as well as mine
Just as I am fighting theirs.
I’ve joined the fray
I’ve drawn my blade
I’ll lead the charge
I’ll clear the way.
My shield a bastion
My sword will strike true
Let enemies approach me
I will push through.
My steed carries foreward
The head of the charge
I will face any problems
No matter how large
The blood of my foes
Will paint the ground red
Until all of my demons
Have ended up dead.
I will fight for my morals
I will fight with the best
Until the day comes
That I draw my last breath.
©2013 Alex Hicks

I’ve Forgotten

I’ve been single for a while now, and I think I’ve forgotten a few things.
I forgotten what it feels like to wake up beside a person you care deeply about and look into her eyes thinking that this is the one.
I’ve forgotten about arguing with her over petty differences like leaving the toilet seat up and what we do with empty cartons of milk or whose turn it is to do the dishes at the end of the day.
I’ve forgotten how it feels to sit pretending to watch TV while actually watching her cook, or clean, or read a book while wondering how one person could be so both adorable and beautiful at the same time.
I’ve forgotton how it feels trying to focus on making supper but being unable to because I know that her eyes are following me from the living room teeming with desire, want, love, lust.
I’ve forgotten how it feels to go out to dinner with her and just sit staring into eachothers eyes hoping that this feeling would never end, convinced that it wouldn’t knowing that at the end of the night the last thing we would see is eachother.
I’ve forgotten what it feels like knowing that the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see every morning is each others smiling face overwhelmingly happy with the relationship we have, with the life we share, with the world we’ve created, with the love that we’ve built.
I’ve forgotten what love feels like.
But I think…
I think that were I to find it again, I would know it right away.
©2013 Alex Hicks

You Promised

Thought Catalog

You realize this is the beginning of the colorless life. Wish there were still time to learn, taste, travel and live, love the world more and in so many more ways. Your time is up, of course, that you do know. It’s your time to come into the real world, so you come into the real world and take your seat, your seat that waits and leers. You’re sitting at a desk, which is now your desk and will be for a very long time. Those strangers sitting around you you are told will be your friends. You will follow the schedule and will espouse the routine. You will do the work and smilingly accept the paycheck and accept that all is planned forever, or at least for your forever, for that long and prolonged stretch of highway that is all clear, that cloudy white clear that makes you seasick…

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Could This Be The One?

Could this be the one?
The one I’ve been waiting for
For so long in my life
How can I be so sure
Beautiful by nature
As honest as they come
And so I ask myself again
Could this really be the one?
I know we only just met
But I know we’d get along
The music of our lives collide
Like the melody of a song
Maybe it’s too early
Perhaps I’ve jumped the gun
But I still must ask myself
Could this be the one?
©2013 Alex Hicks

June 10th, 2013: I Want it All (Update!)

Hi everybody! First, let me say, WOW!. 282 Followers. More than I thought I’d ever have.
Of course, 50 was more than I thought I’d ever have.
Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments and reblogs and shares my work around the interwebs. It means so much to me that people want to read what I write. I could not thank you all enough 🙂
Last week, Time became the most liked poem I’ve posted at 49 likes as of 10/06/2013 at 7:45am ADT. Thanks so much guys and gals!
On to the update!
Some big changes are ahead for me in the coming months. Not so much on this blog, aside from hoping to be able to write more, but in real life.
I’ve been going to a psychologist for the past few months and after our very last session on friday, I came to the sudden realization that if I want to do what I dream of doing in my life, I need to get off my ass and start doing something and not just talk about it; so I’m doing something about it.
In a couple days I’m going to get my beginners drivers license and book my road test. I’m looking for a One-Bedroom or Bachelor Apartment not far from work as to give me quite a bit more free time, as well as looking into some dating websites because I think I’m finally ready to be in a relationship again. I’ve also been looking at getting a new car; but that all hinges on me getting my license. I’ve already failed the road test once so I should be able to ace it this time right?
Anyway, that’s it for this update, I’ll post a couple poems in a bit, and I’ll give you guys another update next monday!
-Alex H.


Time passes
and there is nothing we can do
to stop it.
And yet still
We try to slow it down
We say there isn’t enough
time in a day.
But there is.
There’s more than enough time in a day.
If something you’re doing
Can’t be done in the span of a day
Then don’t try to cram it all
into one day!
Let it take two days
or three
or four!
or a week!
Because at the end of the day
Time really doesn’t matter
We are the only species on earth
That actively measures time
That tells me
That time doesn’t matter.
©2013 Alex Hicks


So this one isn’t my usual style. It kind of heirs on the side of humor.

I bear scars from indiscresion
As someone fed me misdirection
And if I could make one correction
I would wear sunscreen.
It was fun one summer morning
At the beach and we were scoring
Who am I kidding, it was boring
But I was young and stupid.
No one remembered to bring the lotion
Despite the very best of notions
And swimming out there at the ocean
That sun can sure get hot.
Taking a break sitting on the sand
Sick of water glad to be on land
I sat there far too long and
The sun did scar my back.
Second degree the doctors told
As they put on the lotion oh so cold
And of course my parents scold
That I should have worn sunscreen.
That was many years ago
And still the scars are there you know
So some advice for you to follow
Please; wear sunscreen.
©2013 Alex Hicks