Capturing Rapture – A Duet with David Ellis

So how about it then followers, whether it’s sunny and warm or if its cold and cloudy, we all need something to warm us up sometimes. Here’s a piece written by David Ellis of TooFullToWrite and myself that’s sure to warm you up on those cold winter days.

This time we followed the daily prompt: Time after time

Be sure to head over to TooFullToWrite and follow his blog. This was not my first duet with David and nor shall it be my last. His vocabulary and use of it is simply astounding. Be sure to follow him if you aren’t already.

Capturing Rapture

Making the first move, careful deliberation
Sacrificial pawns in this wayward game
Feel my heartbeat, as I take to the stage
Counting reluctant steps until I see your face

Step by step, the playful mating dance
Elusive, yet in this moment, divine
Entrances you and draws you near
To my tender grasp, adoringly entwined

Seduction rituals have now started
The hunter has become the hunted
Clock is ticking and the race is on
Electricity coursing through our veins

A spark of madness rages forth
A moment of insanity
This tango is old, that we conduct
Yet each time feels just like the first

To capture your rapture
Nurturing feelings of grandeur
The stakes couldn’t get any higher
Try as I might, can’t quell this fire

It burns and it rages, flickering flames
Again and again this feeling untamed
Desire and fortune exist in harmony
Intensity and confidence act in unity

Acting out these states of the world
Watching as each beautiful one unfolds
Mesmerized by your subtle, spellbinding aura
Intoxication, until our lust is molten magma

A lover’s embrace closes the distance
The world crumbling away around us
Leaving nothing in the chaos but just you and I
As our passion satiates the hungry midnight sky.

©2014 Alex Hicks and David Ellis

Silhouette of Distortion

This is the first time that I’ve written with David Ellis over at TooFullToWrite. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one as he is an expert at artistic expression and amazing at creating flow and emotion as well. I hope to write more with him in the future, so go over to his blog and follow him. Enjoy!
Silhouette of Distortion
A carnival for the soul, rampant silhouette of distortion
Glass shatters, razor sharp, mercilessly unforgiving
Tarnished to within an inch of life’s sacred essence
Misleading impressions, imposters full of indifference
Simple shattered memories, like a broken picture frame
A reflection of the past relived, a reflection of the shame
The lies we only tell ourselves, to ease the mighty blow
Life’s cruel twisted, torturous fate that we’ve all come to know
Love’s tender kiss cuts, echoing through onion skin layers
Fragile sea of ecstasy, illuminating strangers tiptoeing before us
What kind of creature will be conjured up today in this barren house?
Vanity vacuously, viciously, plays its deadly game of cat and mouse
One must question reality, as the eyes of thousands watch
The ears they listen closely, but they don’t hear very much
As waves and waves of strangers words crash upon the shore
If they succeeded or they failed, doesn’t matter anymore
Smoke hides what’s inside only for so long before it dissipates
Foggy veils now lift, delicately expose, frustrate then intimidate
To become comfortable in one’s skin can often take the course of a lifetime
Accept yourself and your perfect flaws then the mirror will no longer be a burden
The monsters we keep from ourselves that in our minds reside
Will ease their torment, fade to black, and vanish over time
The voices of the thousands, that echo each and every day
Will slowly lose their meaning with every word they say
Until nothing is left but the purest clarity
Radiating and driving forth in its singularity
Allowing us to be triumphant in the face of adversity
As we ultimately muse on forgotten misconstrued inadequacy
©2014 Alex Hicks and David Ellis
Thank you for reading! Again, be sure to head over to his blog and follow him.

The Tragedy of Unanswered Letters – A Duet

This one was written by myself and my good friend Shruti over at A Shade of Pen. She is a wonderful poet and we had so much fun writing this one. Be sure to go over to her blog and follow her!

It’s been endless years since I wrote to you
It’s been forever since I waited for your reply
And yet, every day when the sun rises;
My eyes gleam with the hope to hear from you
And yet, every night when the moon glitters
A silent tear slowly escapes as I still wait
The tears of the lonely show life in its glory
An eternity alone, a devastating story
At the surface it may appear that we’re gone
But we’ve been silently waiting here all along
On the surface you may see what you will
But deep underneath the tears eat their fill
The heart though broken sings a song
Despite the wait, it hungrily longs
To belong to the one for whom it still beats
And yet Destiny plays foul and doesn’t permits
Two long lost lovers to unite again
As each suffers silently in unfulfilled love’s lane
To rise above passion and beauty skin deep
And transcend differences and secrets they keep
Reaching forever for one combined goal
Sticking together, two halves of a whole
A fixture of time, steadfast it remains
Love breaks down borders and releases the pain.
As love oozes and flows from the heart
The broken shards hope of a new start
Hopes swell up and dash again
The heart hopes but in vain
Although, no letters reach her ever
Yet, her heart silently whispers.. Never say never
Whispering quietly in the dark
Her words to never reach their mark
Her tears fall silently and remain unseen
Never to be noticed by loves tragic scene
A complex and twisted tragedy
Of simple unrespected majesty
With love, longing, memories and pain
She still stands strong in this lane
A little part of her breaks everyday
And today, still and silent she lays
The unfulfilled longings of love finally made her die
Her body crumbles as there is no one to cry
A tragedy, a death; yet love shines
’cause separated in life, but upon death they unite
Life eternal without pain
Brings more suffering in vain
And living life without love to hold
Does force the hand of life to fold
And tears shed over something lost
Are far from a price that’s worth the cost
For life is a game of give and take
And love requires both to make.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Shruti (A Shade of Pen)

United as One

I wrote this one with A Shade of Pen. She’s good friend and amazing poet so be sure to check out and follow her blog.
A little smile on her face
And I was knocked by the power of it
Could she be the girl of my dreams
Or was destiny playing with me?

A smile graced the corners of her mouth
And it shook me to the core
Could this be a passing fad
Or is it something more?

A million questions invaded my mind
Yet, all I felt was the throbbing heart
No star could match the brilliant shine
That I saw in the twinkling of her eyes

Her eyes, I couldn’t look away
The most vibrant of blues
I couldn’t help but stare
Pulling me into their hypnotic gaze

I fall deep in them shamelessly
I have nothing to hold on to
As I feel like I’m in a trance
That makes every part of me come alive

I never wanted to stay away
I want to get lost in the beauty of her hair
The softness of her skin
The comfort of her touch

I explore the curves of her face
Every inch a perfection in itself
If ever an angel walked on Earth
I was sure, She was the one.

Her words would chill me to the bone
Pull the ground out from under me
And when I fell
She would catch me in her loving embrace

I can fall on her to hold me
Even when I am going through stormy times
There is nothing that shall hold my heart
Like the eyes that currently drown me

The world will fall away
As the scent of carnations surrounds me
And I would float there
Lost in her gentle embrace

Together we will ride the waves
That love will conjure
The moment freezes forever
As two souls finally unite to one

©2013 Alex Hicks and A Shade of Pen

Deadly Tongue

Yet another duet with Hastywords. You should be following her by now, but if you’re not, you should be. Go to it!

Words ignite like dangerous fireworks
A spreading detonation of sparks
A dramatic uncontrolled display
Threatening mischief before leaping into the sky
Each letter bringing forth colors
Like a painting on a canvas
Swirls of reds, yellows, greens and blues
Painted by a delicate hand
Beautiful from a distance
But filled with dangerous emotion
Reactions catapult through each set of words
Triggers set like trip wires waiting to explode
The tip of my pen will fly
Like a bullet on the page
Writing my emotions and my thoughts
A massacre of words.
A deadly tool if used with malice
Daggers would prove less painful
Inciting hatred, anger, and violence
These words are best saved than laid
The one thing that remains in this world
That remains mightier than the sword
Stronger than a bullet, missiles can’t compare
The words that are spoken, or scattered on the page.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

Rhythmic Motion, a duet with Hastywords

This is yet another amazing poem written by myself and another amazing poet, Hastywords. Go check out her blog, read her work, and follow her blog. Do it!
If you’ve done it already, offer to read her a bedtime story…or read me a bedtime story. 🙂

I catch you looking at me
A smile graces my face
I am surprised at your notice
As my mind begins to race
I start to tremble
As you walk my way
My legs say to run and hide
But my heart says to stay.
A pleasant panic rises
Subsiding in waves of time
As your eyes settle
Into the depths of mine
The music’s getting louder
As we begin to dance
A feeling of elation
Amidst the air of romance.
No words are exchanged
Just a rhythmical force
Guiding our hips in time
Driving our minds off course
In this rhythmic dance
As we bow and we sway
I have you to thank
For feeling this way
The music softens
And begins to fade to fast
But our movement continues
I have finally found you at last
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

(26/02/2013) Face in the Water

This one is written by myself and another amazing poet, Jen over at Tryst. Be sure to check out her blog and follow if you haven’t already 🙂


On a warm sunny day
I walked to the pier
Where I last saw my reflection
In the waters, in my fear
The person I saw
Was not myself
It was not my reflection
It was something else
I stared for a while
In disbelief
When you came along
And started to speak
You started to speak
Of things come and past
And I knew this exchange
Could very well be my last
I listen intentively
Your words like a song
Teaching me your wisdoms
It has been so long
I found a strange comfort
In the stories you told
Of the heroes and villains
Of the young and the old
Your tales of bravery
Of strength & overcoming pain
Scars of your victories
Your tears turn to rain
As your tears began to fall
I had to wipe away my own
Knowing that my reflection
Is just myself when I’m alone
©Alex Hicks & Tryst

“Mountain of Sorrows” a Duet with Hastywords

Another duet with Hastywords! Writing with her is so much fun! Be sure to check her out and follow her blog if you haven’t already.

Mountain of Sorrows
The rocks were sharp
Bruising the soles of my feet
The walk was long
And the path was steep
I felt lost
Abandoned hope
As I tried to climb
That rocky slope.
On my own I struggle
Ascending higher
Looking for wisdom
Pieces of knowledge to acquire
I reached a cliff face
Jagged and worn
I gazed at the top
My confidence scorned
Motivation diminished
I sat to rest awhile
Contemplating the direction
My confusion wrapped in denial
To find another path
Would be to admit defeat
With a swig from my canteen
I returned to my feet.
The sun rose to light my way
The air full of singing sparrows
A smile met my lips and I knew
Here is where I’ve left my sorrows
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

(23/01/2013) Island Clouds – A duet with Hastywords

I wrote a duet with Hastywords. An incredibly inspiring poet, check her page out, and be sure to follow her as well if you haven’t already. You can also expect to see more of these in the future. 😀

The ground fell away
Leaving my feet planted in sky
I look for familiarity
In all the boundaries I pass by
Clouds drift by like islands
And I cannot but stare
while I walk this vast expanse
This endless sea of air.
I close my eyes as the breezy sea
Wraps itself tightly around me
Silken blankets of wispy space
All calling my spirit to let go, be free.
Unnatural beauty, a rarity
But it is what I’ve found
So I’ll keep drifting, floating on
Out of sight of ground.
Not exactly aimless
But free to just be
A part of something
So much bigger than me.
As I walk these skies alone
I know that I’ve found peace
But I have not found harmony
In it’s purest form at least.
The air thins a I continue rising
Higher and higher into the atmosphere
Momentum builds, anticipation soars
As I begin releasing all my fear.
Will my conscience guide me
Or will it lose it’s way
Must I go away from here
Or can I choose to stay.
I close my eyes, worries gone
I drift silent on cottony wisps
No longer tied to worldly thoughts
I make my home in a sky of whispers.
Could it possibly be
Is this what life’s about
How did I live so long before
When I have gone without.
Filled with everlasting peace
A joy so immense, so boisterous, so intense
This floating castle in the sky
Is the place I will forever feel the most content.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords