The Rising Ire

The Rising Ire
It’s beautiful really, don’t you think?
The red that fills your eyes.
The rage replacing rationality
The one that’s sick of lies.

The rising ire from betrayal
With the knife still in your back
The blade that sits and numbs the flesh
The ropes that hold you to the rack

You try to fight it with naught but reason
But it defies your rationality
It fills you with a dark desire
and it disputes your reality

The knife is there you can’t refute
In your back the cold of steel
Radiates into your core
And anger is all you feel.

Give in to passionate beast
The indignation in your heart
The monster lurks inside of you
Let it tear you apart.

©2015 Alexander J. Hicks

It Will Not Scar My Heart

Where does the sunshine end and the dark of night begin?
When does the joy inside oneself give way to the dark within?
Where does the path of love give leave and the world falls away?
Where sunshine ends and night begins to engulf the light of day.
I dance the only dance I know, the one that stems the pain;
and step by step I move and sway, and hope it stops the rain.
But at every move and every turn the thunder sounds a drum
and reminds me of the life I live and that I cannot run.
Once upon a time I stepped to a rhythm of my own.
To a harmony and melody that I one time had grown;
and to that beat I danced and danced and quelled the little fears
that grew and grew and danced with me and with them grew my tears.
Until one day it hit me like the calm before the storm,
that on my mind the little fears had beaten, grabbed and torn.
Until the thoughts to which I stepped had began to bleed
and the little thoughts – anxieties – on them began to feed
My dance began to lose its fire, it’s passion, warmth, and zeal;
And the fears that ripped ferociously, began to feel so real
No longer could I dance and sway, to hide all that I felt,
with all my calm collected thoughts, my walls began to melt.
The rain it burned like acid and the thunder shook my core,
and although I tried to carry on, I knew that I could dance no more.
Beneath the weight of my own thoughts, I dropped down to my knees
and let the tears fall from my eyes as the ground began to freeze.
But just when I had given up, I saw a glimmer through the haze
A little spark, a light of hope, from my knees I began to raise
and the more I looked upon the light, the bigger it would grow
but the more I moved towards it, the further it would go.
When I stopped it did the same, but brighter still it grew
as it did I felt more and more that I would make it through.
Slowly I began to dance, to step and sway once more
despite the wind and driving rain, I’d never felt like this before.
Now I know that although strong, there is more here than the rain,
and as the light grows brighter I know that I can do the same
Although the storm has raged so long and left parts of me scarred
No matter how much it may try, it will not scar my heart.
©2015 Alex Hicks

Reflection of an Animal

Reflection of an Animal

Can I forever run away?
No, I’ll get you in time.
I can’t let them see me this way.
But they all see you’re mine.

I want to break free from the beast
But I’ve bound your hope in chains
I want freedom, love and peace
But you’ll fall to me, insane.

I want to break the ties that bind
But they’re stronger than you see
To look to light, answers to find
And you’ll always fall to me.

I can’t see the one who holds me down
But I’m always by your side
I can’t hear the creature not a sound
Your own anger leaves you blind

I just want the voice to stop
But It will not for we are one
In every action, every thought
Until our final setting sun.

©2014 Alex Hicks

(01/03/2013) Ides of March

Beware the ides of march they said
Without thinking what it meant
Of all the ones who are lost or dead
And the messages they sent.
They cast aside their human sides
And look only to the beast
Until nothing but the hate resides
But the pain is gone at least.
Without a second thought or glance
They kill without remorse
They keep moving, taking the chance
Until they’re animals in force
But the world praises the truly wise
That which they’ll never be
The world knows only how to despise
The animals we’ve freed.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(09/02/2013) Ritual Prey duet with Hastywords

I’m posting tomorrow’s poem early, as today is my Fathers birthday, and tomorrow we’re celebrating so I probably won’t have a chance to write.
Another Duet with Hastywords. She is an amazing writer and poet so be sure to check out her blog and follow if you haven’t already!

The hunger comes after the craving
Bloodlust tempting, feels amazing
Cries of joy erupt from the pack
The time has come for the final feeding
     Crimson blood spilling forth
     The pain immense for all it’s worth
     The full moon above lights the ground
     The chill of death hangs all around
In a ritualistic dance we give in
To every desire built within
Insatiable growls heard all around
Drowning out their piercing fear
     We ran long, but they hunted longer
     Fearing their insatiable hunger
     Fearing the bloodlust, the howling pack
     Fearing our death, their bloody desire.
The chase could have been shorter
But as the screams rang into the night
Our passions increased, desire bursting
The most gruesomely delicious foreplay
     They could have had us any moment
     They were playing with our lives
     They know we couldn’t escape them
     It was only a matter of time.
Reaching the end of all restraint
We pounced upon their frailty
We took from them our sustenance
Leaving only scrapes for the earth to consume
     They were on us in an instant
     As muscle was torn from bone
     The last thing I remember
     Was thinking “Finally, I’m home.”
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

The Monster Inside

This is one that I am personally very proud of I think it flows together very well and it is my first successful Ottava Rima poem. It was written based on the daily writing prompt from Thoughts on Toast.

The Monster Inside

Growing up as a child, monsters to fear
The worst of them would take form when we slept
Waking up because all that we could hear
Sound of the monster telling secrets we kept
The one who always made us scream and shed tears
So under our covers we quietly wept
Then as we grew the monsters did dissipate
As our future selves slowly we did create.
The monsters took form in place of our dreams
Trying to break us and make our hearts coarse
Through lying and scaring and some twisted schemes
To talk about them made our voices go hoarse
But mom and dad always knew best it seems
As talking to them drove the monsters with force
Hugs always being a great place to start
A soft loving touch to soften the heart.
He is still here but no longer demands
He is still here but my fear I have shed
And now that I’m older I understand
There was never a monster under my bed
There was never a monster with huge clawed hands
The only monster here lives in my head
Corrupting and changing my daily thinking
Beyond control, not faulting, unblinking.
-©2012 Alex Hicks