Flesh and Bone

Well, ladies and gents, it’s Halloween. All hallows eve, the night of fright, Snap Apple Night, Day of the Dead, Nightmare Night, whatever you want to call it. In honor of this special occasion, I wrote a little poem for the holidays. Enjoy.

Far to wander
Near to roam
Face the faceless
Skin to bone

Cut the moonlight
Fatal hour
Haunting echoes
Make you cower

Carving faces
Veiled eyes
End the silence
Shrieking cries

The risen dead
Shambles of men
A new nobilty
To welcome the end

A bloody dagger
A headless man
You’d better run
While you can

The moon is full
The night is young
Your flesh is mine
When all is done

Far to wander
Near to roam
Face the faceless
Flesh and bone.

©2013 Alex Hicks


Fade Away

This one is a little bit darker than my normal stuff. – AH

Everything fades
Time slips away
Stone turns to dust
and steel turns to rust

We go through the motions
We push with the notion
That our lives hold meaning
Yet here we lay bleeding

It’s always fine on the surface
But nevermind the preface
The opening sentence reads
“The truth is never as it seems”

Because we all have our pain
As time and life maim
And we all put on a face
In this lifes great race

We all step in time
We all stand in line
If only to learn
That this world burns

And in the end it’s for naught
As we take all we’ve got
And give it all away
Until everything fades.

©2013 Alex Hicks

My Hate

It wasn’t such a long time ago
That I was deep in my own version of hell
I pushed everyone away
I wore armor made of jokes and sarcasm
I pretended to be having fun
When i was secretly fostering hate
for everyone and everything around me
And openly fostering hate for myself.

It’s not a pleseant feeling,
Feeling that there’s something there
Or rather that there is nothing there
Where there should be something.

Something to fill the hole in ones heart
where love had once stood
But had been ripped out of you
Over the span of five years
Ripped out of you
By someone who you wanted to care about
Who wanted you to care

And at the end of it all
When I ended it
I felt nothing
You had made me numb
Dulled the senses
Numbed the pain
Removed the part of me that could love.

But over time I got it back
I built up walls to keep people away
So I could heal
So my heart could heal

And it did.

Sure I still foster that hate sometimes
It’s a remnant of my past
A remnant of those memories

And sure, when that feeling arises
I worry that I’ll loose control
That my mind will go where that place in my heart went
And then?
She speaks…
She comforts me…
She speaks softly to me…
And everything is okay.

The hate in my mind stops hating and just listens
It laughs with me when she tells a joke
And it stares with me when I stare

The voice that calms the savage beast.

So sure, I worry about that hate
But never while I’m with her.

©2013 Alex Hicks