Someday I’ll stop worrying,
About every little detail of my life.
Someday I’ll be confident enough,
To go to the gym.
Someday I’ll be able,
To cope with ADHD.
Someday I will wake up,
And be able to make my own schedule.

But most importantly…

I will learn to love again.

© Alex Hicks 2012

Ghosts of Lovers Lost

Okay, so I wrote this poem a few days ago and I wasn’t going to post it as it is on a topic I’m not very fond of talking about. However, I feel I should post it anyway and see what people think. No reason to censor myself on my own blog right?


Cry like you’ve never cried before.
Let your tears break the silence of the darkness.
Your tears tell more stories than words ever could.
Tears mean more to most than a fragile broken heart.

But why?
Why are you crying?
Ah, I struck a chord. Fragile broken heart.
It hurts doesn’t it? I know.
I’ve been there too. But only once.
Becasue my broken heart was the death of me.

Yes, I’m a ghost.
Yes, I did this to myself.
Now I am destined to haunt.
No. Not haunt. Thats such a negative word. Haunt.
I prefer guide.
I help people. I help them to not become like me.

So, why are you crying?
Move on. He’s gone.
You are never alone in this world. I’m watching.
Always watching. It’s all I can do. I’m dead.

I know. “Ghosts aren’t real”
Define real
Because I’m talking to you right now
Is that real enough for you?

He’s dead because you left him?
Well that is a downer isn’t it?
But guess what? He doesn’t blame you
I’m a ghost. I’ve been talking to him

Yes I have!
He says goodbye

He says: don’t give up on life
when something doesn’t go as planned

He says: Live, Love, Dance in the rain
Because life is too short to cry all the time
Bad things happen. And when they do
You get up, brush yourself off
wipe the tears from your hollowed eyes
and learn to love again.

Because life is like a roller coaster,
But you control the speed.
And if you pull the brakes on the downs,
You’ll never have the power to climb to the ups again.

See, there you go.
Much better. Now wipe your tears.
You’ve got your best dress layed out.
The funeral is in an hour.

Oh and one more thing:
I will always love you.

© Alex Hicks 2012

Just remember, this has no basis on events in my life. I just started writing and let the words go where they wanted.

Lost and Damned

“Don’t ask why
Don’t be sad
Sometimes we all must alter paths we planned
Only try
I want to save you from the lost and damned

Don’t ask why
Don’t be sad
Sometimes we all must alter paths we planned
Leave me behind
Don’t look back
Cause deep within you know I’m lost and damned”

-Kamelot, Lost and Damned