Rhythmic Motion, a duet with Hastywords

This is yet another amazing poem written by myself and another amazing poet, Hastywords. Go check out her blog, read her work, and follow her blog. Do it!
If you’ve done it already, offer to read her a bedtime story…or read me a bedtime story. 🙂

I catch you looking at me
A smile graces my face
I am surprised at your notice
As my mind begins to race
I start to tremble
As you walk my way
My legs say to run and hide
But my heart says to stay.
A pleasant panic rises
Subsiding in waves of time
As your eyes settle
Into the depths of mine
The music’s getting louder
As we begin to dance
A feeling of elation
Amidst the air of romance.
No words are exchanged
Just a rhythmical force
Guiding our hips in time
Driving our minds off course
In this rhythmic dance
As we bow and we sway
I have you to thank
For feeling this way
The music softens
And begins to fade to fast
But our movement continues
I have finally found you at last
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

(28/02/2013) Long Gone

I’m done trying to maintain
The friendships that drive me insane
Because one person cannot see
That if they want respect from me
They just have to talk!
You think ignoring me will clear
The anger in the air that’s here
But all in all what it will do
Is make me more angry at you
and you don’t comprehend.
That friendship is a two way street
That two people walk along and meet
Somewhere at about the middle
It’s pretty easy, it’s not a riddle.
And you want me to walk it all.
Because rather than waiting on this street
For you to come to the middle and meet
I could be walking another road
Or be sitting in my warm abode
With the friends I’ve already made.
So I’ll be waiting at the half way mark
For when on your half you decide to start
But I will not wait here for long
Take too long, and I’ll be long gone
And I’m never coming back.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(27/02/2013) But for a Song

Stepping in time
To the beat of the rhyme
Just might be a sign
Of the things that are mine
As I tuck and sway
In an unusual way
I wish I could say
that I wanted to stay
So say goodbye to me
And you’ll no longer see
The desires I please
The the things I want to be.
But each day I move on
And soon I’ll be gone
But for the song
That keeps me moving along.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(26/02/2013) See The World

I want to see the world
In all it’s purest elegance
But if it were up to them
I wouldn’t have the chance
But also were it up to them
I’d be digging my own grave
Because with one less person in the world
Think of all the money they’d save!
©2013 Alex Hicks

(25/02/2013) All In

So you’re sitting at a table
With a standard poker hand
A pair of aces and two tens
When the dealer makes a demand.
He says, “With this hand you all must bet
One thing that you hold dear
That thing on which your heart is set
On the table, place it here.”
He tells you if you want to fold
You will not lose a thing
But if you play, if you’re so bold
You could lose everything.
The other three with whom you play
Stop for a second thought
One throws down his cards not to stay
The others however do not.
They decide that this game there in
Is more than a simple game
It’s actually the game of life
And it will never be the same
They look at you and you look back
You can see the terror on each face
Will you leave and veer off track
Or will you stay in place?
©2013 Alex Hicks

(24/02/2013) That Takes Class

Has anyone ever been so sure
To sit and stare at a sight so pure
That they could not tell right from wrong?
As if it were not clear to them all along
As if the lines were but a blur
And what actions it would spur
If there was no line for them to cross
Would anything really be a loss?
I’ve approached the line in the sand
And cleared it with but foot and hand
And I’ve approached it with a friend
But as I walk past it, they do end
Our conversation once I step past
And they just stare at me and gasp
It was then I realized something true
The only one to see that line is you
And it hovers around the bigger line
That society has drawn in time
With a big old stick they call a branch
They swing it once and take a chance
In hopes that people will obey
The stick of laws they swing away
Knowing that if the stick weren’t there
We would still get only what we share
Because theres this thing that people do
That helps all of us sift through
The harder times when things are tough
They build a leader of better stuff
One who will build another stick
Then cover it with laws and kick
The ones who ignore it on their ass
And if you ask me, that takes class.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(23/13/2013) One Voice

See it sitting there in silence?
A simple beast, a cruel defiance.
See it in its shades of gray
Sitting on that old worn hay
It hunted once, part of the pack
And now with age it’s skills doth lack
Now it sits alone at night
Hidden from the shamful sight
Of the pack he, in days past, lead
They have left him here for dead.
So what will you do to the poor beast
End him or feed him a feast.
Of course what you do sits to decide
Whether you feel shame or pride
But who are you to make that choice
You are but one, one person, one voice.
And one voice amongst the choirs call
Is not really a voice at all.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Shine On Blogging Award

shine on award

Much to my surprise this morning, I turned on my computer to find that Jen over at Think.Speak.Tryst has nominated me for the Shine on Blogging Award. As with any wordpress award there are a few rules that must be followed upon the acceptance of said award; they are as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Nominate fifteen bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
3. Share some facts about yourself or answer the questions given to you.

So I’ll start by answering questions. I will answer all of Jen’s questions given as well as one that was given to her as I found it to be a very interesting question.

1. If you were in a band what instrument would you play?
I would probably play the keyboard. The range of sounds it can make and the skill required to learn it would mean an amazing challenge for me.

2. Tell about one time when you were embarrassed in public, short version.
This is not all that bad actually. My most embarassing public experience was when I got kicked out of a local mall for a friends shenanigans.

3. What inspires you the most? A movie, a book, a friend, a hero?
I’m not sure if there is a correct answer to this for me. Overall I think music inspires me more than anythiing else, but there are people that inspire me too. I think for this question though, for simplicities sake, I have to say music.

4. On that note, name one of your hero’s and tell us why you admire them.
There are so many people on this list for me, but I’ll name one.
David Draiman of Disturbed and now Device, because the amount of stregth it would take to go through what he has been through in his life is amazing.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where?
Anywhere in the world? Is this under the assumption that we CAN live anywhere in the world? Do I have an infinite source of food? or if not, do I have the means to make an easy trip to somewhere to buy food? Or am I only bound by the constraints of civilization? That being, needing to buy food and clothing on a semi-regular basis, and do I have magic electricity? (Electricity without a source). If the question means literally anywhere: I’d have to say anywhere in Canada. If the question means anywhere within the constraints applied by modern society, then I’d have to say…Canada.
mic drop

And the last question I’ll answer was posed to Jen by TwinDaddy, and it was:
If I could have any person, alive or dead, guest post on my blog, who would it be?
Honestly I had to think about this one. Believe it or not, I’ve decided on Shakespeare. His use of the english language, the underlying story in each of his plays, his ability to have your writing play with the emotions of his audience, all remain unmatched to this day.

I was nominated for this award by Jen at Think.Speak.Tryst, so now comes the time when I have to nominate 15 people; the time when I have to “pay it forward” as the case may be. This was a difficult choice for me, as there are so many great writers on wordpress, but here they are:

  1. A Shade of Pen
  2. A Girl With A Pen
  3. A Prayer Like Gravity
  4. Blue Girl Poems
  5. Dandeliongirl01
  6. “I Am Not Yours”
  7. A Cathartic Method
  8. Artless Poems
  9. Hastywords
  10. Becky
  11. Edward Hotspur
  12. Crossheartzones
  13. Dedicatedtothebest
  14. Sonnets and Dragonflies
  15. Pete Armetta

I suppose I still need to ask some questions for those 15 people to answer…
Okay, here:
1. If you could have a 1-hour conversation with anyone in the universe, who would it be? (You could ask them anything at all and they would be 100% honest about every answer.)
2. What is your definition of wealth?
3. Why do you write?
4. Will you tell me a bedtime story?

and last but not least:
5. Tissue?

Thank you Jen, for nominating me for this award, and making me take an hour break to write this loooooong post LOL just kidding. I enjoy it. And thank you, to all of my readers. I wouldn’t be writing today were it not for having people to read my work. You’ve made this blog what it is today and for that you have my gratitude.
Gratitude seems kind of wishy-washy…I feel like I need to give something back…
Maybe I’ll read you a bed-time story!

I bet you thought I was going to say something corny here like “Keep on Shining.”
Well I’m not, so jokes on you. heh heh heh heh heh.
Thanks again.
– Alex Hicks
This broadcast is brought to you by the letter “C” and the number “41 365”. That’s the letter “See” and the number “Fourty-one thousand, three hundred and sixty-five” and is made possible by Think.Speak.Tryst, FromTheDark, and most importantly, Viewers like you.

(26/02/2013) Face in the Water

This one is written by myself and another amazing poet, Jen over at Tryst. Be sure to check out her blog and follow if you haven’t already 🙂


On a warm sunny day
I walked to the pier
Where I last saw my reflection
In the waters, in my fear
The person I saw
Was not myself
It was not my reflection
It was something else
I stared for a while
In disbelief
When you came along
And started to speak
You started to speak
Of things come and past
And I knew this exchange
Could very well be my last
I listen intentively
Your words like a song
Teaching me your wisdoms
It has been so long
I found a strange comfort
In the stories you told
Of the heroes and villains
Of the young and the old
Your tales of bravery
Of strength & overcoming pain
Scars of your victories
Your tears turn to rain
As your tears began to fall
I had to wipe away my own
Knowing that my reflection
Is just myself when I’m alone
©Alex Hicks & Tryst

Part VI: Face of an Angel

Part I: Voice of an Angel
Part II: Dreamers Vice
Part III: Return to the Dream
Part IV: Illusions of the Moon
Part V: Beneath the Cherry Tree
Part VI: Face of an Angel
Part VII: The End of a Dream
Part VIII: Echoes


I saw her face
The angel from my dreams
Her eyes saw right through me
Into my soul it seems
I’ve seen her a few times now
I even know her name
We went to school together
If it’s worth it all the same.
Now I have a new dilema
She’s far beyond my reach
She’s the one I’ve seen in my dreams
But she’s way out of my league.
So I’ll keep on searching
Wishing as it were
For one who loves me as I love them
And wishing it was her.
©2013 Alex Hicks