Rhythmic Motion, a duet with Hastywords

This is yet another amazing poem written by myself and another amazing poet, Hastywords. Go check out her blog, read her work, and follow her blog. Do it!
If you’ve done it already, offer to read her a bedtime story…or read me a bedtime story. 🙂

I catch you looking at me
A smile graces my face
I am surprised at your notice
As my mind begins to race
I start to tremble
As you walk my way
My legs say to run and hide
But my heart says to stay.
A pleasant panic rises
Subsiding in waves of time
As your eyes settle
Into the depths of mine
The music’s getting louder
As we begin to dance
A feeling of elation
Amidst the air of romance.
No words are exchanged
Just a rhythmical force
Guiding our hips in time
Driving our minds off course
In this rhythmic dance
As we bow and we sway
I have you to thank
For feeling this way
The music softens
And begins to fade to fast
But our movement continues
I have finally found you at last
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

(27/02/2013) But for a Song

Stepping in time
To the beat of the rhyme
Just might be a sign
Of the things that are mine
As I tuck and sway
In an unusual way
I wish I could say
that I wanted to stay
So say goodbye to me
And you’ll no longer see
The desires I please
The the things I want to be.
But each day I move on
And soon I’ll be gone
But for the song
That keeps me moving along.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Learn to Love

I need saving
I need love
Love me true
Love you too
Too much time
Too much pain
Pain of goodbye
Pain in the ass
Ass needs kicking
Ass of myself
Myself to blame
Myself to teach
Teach to love
Teach to walk
Walk too fast
Walk too slow
Slow to rise
Slow to take
Take it day-by-day
Take it down
Down the road
Down and out
Out tonight
Out alone
Alone again
Alone at the top
Top of my game
Top of the hill
Hill of a mole
Hill to steep
Steep ladder
Steep expectations
Expectations of you
Expectations of greatness
Greatness in you
Greatness too much
Much too much
Much time has passed
Passed away
Passed on
On the top
On my back
Back to back
Back to the past
Past my prime
Past to learn
Learn to dance
Learn to breathe
©2012 Alex Hicks

Tales of Battles Won

Ok, so I was up a 3:00am today. I feel like crap and I am at work while I wait for heavy rain to start. Day’s not looking great right now, but still I write poems. This is actually a pretty happy one despite it being a bad day.

My sword is long and narrow,
And its tip drips black as night,
Blood of those it’s slain,
In the life-long fire fight.

As I fight this battle,
And every one to come,
My sword will dance with beauty,
Deterred by nothing won.

My sword will move with grace,
Lithe and free from bars,
To dance across the medium,
Leaving trails in the stars.

Forever it will dance,
Each day and every night,
Leaving heroes in its wake,
With each tale that I write.

My sword will stop in time,
Upon the day I give to age,
For until then I shall write,
As my sword dances on the page.