night sky
Every night I lie awake
and think about the night,
and how the moon will not partake,
in bleeding off the light.
How terrifying night can be,
when the world drifts to sleep.
Easier for none to see,
The secrets that we keep.
But when darkness dons its cowl;
when the sun goes down and brings the night;
with wolf and owl, hoot and howl;
I fear not the dark, only the light.
©2012 Alex Hicks


Left foot, right foot
One step at a time
Left foot, right foot
And everything’s fine.

Left foot, right foot
I will walk on
Left foot, right foot
Until I am gone.

Left foot, right foot
When I’m walking I’m free
Left foot, right foot
Come; walk with me.

©2012 Alex Hicks

Part II: Spell Breaker

Part II of this story. Read Part I here: Part I: Twins


“I hate you!” She screamed
As she stormed out the door
I was lost as to what
She hated me for.

“I hate you!” I screamed
As a ran from the room
He poisoned our parents
Their deaths will come soon.

I killed my father
A tyranical king
Yes, mother too,
A pitiful thing.

He was no tyrant
Not deserving this fate
My twin brother killed him
I’ve never felt so much hate.

This kingdom is mine
My sister will flee
And soon the whole world
Will bend at the knee.

He thinks this is over
He thinks I am gone
He has no idea
That he’s very wrong.

They came last night
And trapped me within
With protection from magic
I could not win.

Last night I arrived
For my throne to reclaim
With protection from magic
My brother was shamed.

She could have killed me
But she did not.
Her biggest mistake
I will watch her rot.

I could not kill him
He’s my twin after all
To the wastes he was banished
It is there he will fall.

©2012 Alex Hicks

Speak Not to Me of Fate

Don’t speak to me of fate;
life is mine.
My destiny is shaped by me.
‘Tis not the time to wait;
not this time.
I rise above all that you see.
To some my words ring true;
others lie,
but who you are cannot be bought.
Only time will live through.
The rest die,
And death gives not a second thought.
Live life the way you wish;
as lying hinders all your dreams.
The cloth of life you’ll stitch;
and be prepared to mend the seams.
©2012 Alex Hicks

Courage or Cowardice

Courage left me long ago;
     it left me in the cold.
No one wants to lead me back;
     no one has been so bold.
To softly take my hand in theirs,
     and lead me off the ice.
Taking me to safety’s shore,
     so I may live my life.
So I look back at my young self;
     innocence to blinding bright,
and realize I don’t fear the dark;
     I only fear the light.
©2012 Alex Hicks

Power of Words

Words can be tossed as you please
As words are not of stone
But accept the consequences
For every one you’ve thrown
Know that if you speak true
“Sorry” is an empty phrase
But apologies mean more to most
When preceeded by words of rage
Words spoken out of anger
Are never meant to be said
Before you let your mouth run wild
Be sure to look within your head.
©2012 Alex Hicks