Brave in the Face of Night; Afraid to Face the Sunrise

I’ve updated my blogs sub-title. I think it’s more appropriate for where I am in my life. It would be a lie to say that I haven’t been feeling rather down lately. After my breakup in January, I think I slipped backwards in an attempt to move forward. So this is where I am right now.

I sit here in the dark
I haven’t given up yet
Though it may appear that way
Not surrender, quiet contemplation

I’m assessing and analyzing
Where I’ve been and where I’m going
What life I’ve lived and will live
With light just out of reach

I’m not reaching for it, not grasping at it
I’m watching it, learning from it
No, instead I reach for the moon
For the comforting embrace of the dark

The life I’ve lived up until now
Has been full of sacrifice
I always give and give and give
until I had nothing left to give

So that is where I am right now
Sitting, in quiet contemplation
Where my life is headed
and what I need to change

I’m not aiming for the light
Not yet anyway, not now
I have things to work through
Before I grace the light of day.

I seek balance in my life
Not moonlight, not sunlight
But to sit on the cusp of night and day
Letting the world around me flow

©2014 Alex Hicks

Capturing Rapture – A Duet with David Ellis

So how about it then followers, whether it’s sunny and warm or if its cold and cloudy, we all need something to warm us up sometimes. Here’s a piece written by David Ellis of TooFullToWrite and myself that’s sure to warm you up on those cold winter days.

This time we followed the daily prompt: Time after time

Be sure to head over to TooFullToWrite and follow his blog. This was not my first duet with David and nor shall it be my last. His vocabulary and use of it is simply astounding. Be sure to follow him if you aren’t already.

Capturing Rapture

Making the first move, careful deliberation
Sacrificial pawns in this wayward game
Feel my heartbeat, as I take to the stage
Counting reluctant steps until I see your face

Step by step, the playful mating dance
Elusive, yet in this moment, divine
Entrances you and draws you near
To my tender grasp, adoringly entwined

Seduction rituals have now started
The hunter has become the hunted
Clock is ticking and the race is on
Electricity coursing through our veins

A spark of madness rages forth
A moment of insanity
This tango is old, that we conduct
Yet each time feels just like the first

To capture your rapture
Nurturing feelings of grandeur
The stakes couldn’t get any higher
Try as I might, can’t quell this fire

It burns and it rages, flickering flames
Again and again this feeling untamed
Desire and fortune exist in harmony
Intensity and confidence act in unity

Acting out these states of the world
Watching as each beautiful one unfolds
Mesmerized by your subtle, spellbinding aura
Intoxication, until our lust is molten magma

A lover’s embrace closes the distance
The world crumbling away around us
Leaving nothing in the chaos but just you and I
As our passion satiates the hungry midnight sky.

©2014 Alex Hicks and David Ellis

Behind Closed Doors

My life is perfect
My future is clear
My professional life
Is going strong
But no one can see
The tears I cry
Behind closed doors
No one can see
The lonely tears I cry
Behind closed doors.
©2014 Alex Hicks

Hail To The King

Hail to the King

Hail to the ruling king
The torturous flaming blazes sing
The fall of truth to royalty
Be true and show your loyalty

Hail to the ruling king
Murderous betrayers bring
The dogs of war let lose en mass
Resistance strong but not to last

Hail to the ruling king
On your knees and kiss his ring
You can climb but he sits higher
Serve him true or face the fire

Hail to the ruling king
The war and famine he will bring
His people starved, begin to fade
He’s chased them all into the grave

Hail to the ‘ruling’ king
Not ruling over anything
His people lost, dead and gone
Yet won’t admit that he was wrong.

Hail to the foolish king
Devils dance and angels sing
As he falls from his golden throne
He’ll watch the flames consume his home

©2014 Alex Hicks


Betrayers of the heart, contempt
Each a monster in their own respect
To twist and turn the bloody knife
Ready to plunge it in your back
After you help them reach their goals
You get stepped on so they can climb
Earning the name of the traitor
Regret will be their downfall

©2014 Alex Hicks


Found beaten and left for dead
Once great, I had fallen
Rage filled me, anger fueled me
Generating hatred towards the world
I realized that I need to stop the
Vain thoughts of revenge
Eventually we must forgive
Never act on vengeful thoughts
Else be faced with the sad truth
Sorrow awaits the vengeful and
Solitude awaits the betrayer


A Shade Of Pen

She stood there endlessly, waiting for long
She knew that something was wrong
Her silly heart cried a little too hard
Slowly slipped down her guard
She fell with a loud thud
The earth shook
And even then
Something did move
The end isn’t really the end
Something is always ready to begin
The broken bleeding heart too learns to live
And one day, the endless cycle will yet again repeat

the cycle
Footnote: I don’t even know if it is a form of poetry.. I just like to write like this.. where there is death of hope until you reach down to…

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Why Do You Fight?

20 - NnSZA0l

I’ve been betrayed so many times I lost track
Felt the cold knife getting lodged in my back
But it doesn’t deter me, I won’t slow down
I just hope that the world won’t see me fall down.

I don’t want to be angry, I don’t want to be sad
I want to be happy with the life that I have
But my friends and my family, they all know the words
That take all of my pain and just make it worse

I know they don’t mean to, with “I know how you feel”
But they don’t really know, this pain is too real
So I smile and thank them, for misguided advice
After all I cannot blame them, they’re just being nice.

But if I can’t take their words to heart
Then to stop this pain where do I start
What began once as heartbreak has grown to something more
What do I want with life? What do I fight for?

I fight for the right to fight for the words
That give each of us wings so we can take off like birds
For the graves of the many who have died for the fight
Who at one point did fight for this very right

I fight for the passion in every word on the page
All the beauty, the sadness, the fear and the rage
For the wonders of first loves, first kisses, first times
For the natural beauty the sun brings when it shines

That’s why I fight, what about you?
Do you fight for your loved ones in all that you do?
Or do you fight for yourself, lest you rest well at night
I’m asking you, tell me, why do you fight?

©Alex Hicks 2014