Whiskey Lullaby

Now if you’ve read my about page, you know that I enjoy most genres of music. That includes country. Mostly country from the 90s/early 2000’s. Brad Paisley is one of the few country artists that still sounds like the country music I love. This song is easily one of the best songs I have ever heard.

The Cowboy In Me

This song is one of the most motivational songs I have ever listened to.

I grew up in the rural area of Ontario, Brighton to be exact. It’s kinda hard to grow up that far out in the sticks without picking up a few “redneck” habits. I guess I picked em up, and they stuck. It’s just who I am.

I love this song.

Music of Life

Metal is a lonely mans vice
The kind of music that comforts you
Yet each song makes you hate the world
More than you did before
But you just can’t stop listening.

Country is a faithful lover
Because no matter how much
You say you hate it
There is always that one song
That really touches your heart.

Rock and roll has lasted ages
As it is the wounded healer
Stories of the artists troubles
somehow making you more receptive
To the messages in their songs.

Classical is like a grandfather
Always hounding his grandchildren
To do better in all that they do
And when success comes (and it will)
No one will be more proud.

But no matter what music you like
It all means nothing in the end
If you don’t listen to the message
that each and every song you know
Has written between the lines of verse.

© Alex Hicks 2012