(25/03/2013) Falling

Flying higher
Moving skyward
Wings placing me on high
Bathed in fire
Funeral pyre
Living in a lie.
Gliding gently
Only meant we
Were caught in our disguise
I cannot see
How to be free
From self-induced demise.
Careless fall
Lost it all
I’m dropping like a stone
I cant stall
This mental wall
And my mind is not my own.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(24/03/2013) Drown

Life blood of the world
Tone melodic
Quite methodic
The plan has been unfurled.
Simply tasted
Never Wasted
Casting hopes aside
I have laced it
Cannot trace it
With poison, foolish pride.
We cannot win
The waters din
Faces us with a frown
No one can swim
Slow sinking in
Now we all will drown.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(22/03/2013) Bravery

Brave is the one
Who stands on the line
And fights for the family
That they left behind.
Brave is the one
Who stands on high
And faces the world
With truth and lie.
Brave is the one
Who risks his life
To banish the darkness
That comes with the night.
Bravest of all is the one
Who can stand up to his fears
Who can drive through the darkness
Where nothing is clear.
Into the endless wonders
That every life doth’ hold
Despite treacherous mountains
And thundering cold.
©2013 Alex Hicks
My psychologist told me that it took incredible bravery for me to open up the one friend I felt I could open up to. I had never thought about bravery in that way before, and already right off the bat I feel better about myself. I have a good feeling about this.

(21/03/2013) We Are

We are simple humans
We cast shadows where we walk
We speak of tragedies
And terrors when we talk
We are the fearless lions
Many us fear us where we roam
But because of all the humans
We may lose out home
We are the mighty polar bears
We live where most cannot
It’s made of ice and it can melt
Because the humans made it hot.
We are the birds that soar above
Looking down on everything
And if the humans stay upon this path
They will no longer hear us sing.
This is not how nature
Should be looked upon by all
We slowly kill the planet
So we can build our malls.
Because we are the simple humans
And death follows in our wake
The animals that once ruled this world
Now pay for our mistakes.
©2013 Alex Hicks
Note: Animals have just as much right to live here as we do. Please, do your part to help them. It’s our fault they’re dying and only we can stop it.

(20/03/2013) Small

I’ve stood out in the rain
And stared up at the clouds
As water poured down over me
The silence all around.
Every single droplet
Like a pin prick on my face
Reminding me how small I am
In this amazing place
I’ve looked into the night and thought
How small we really are
And realized that we are but one
Of a billion other stars.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(19/03/2013) Humanity

Okay so I missed a few days. Sad panda. 😦 I was really busy!

In a second
Lights go out
Lost in darkness
There’s no doubt
Fear the light
As it is there
But it is also
Have no place
But still we take
Things we hear at face.
Don’t fall into the trap
Of taking wrong and right
For exactly what they are
That is the humans plight.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(13/03/2013) Song of Friendship

So ever since I started this blog, I have found lost friends, had friends become better friends, an gained friends all around the world. Hell, I’ve even lost a couple friends. But the way I see it, losing friends just means that you have better things to do than spend time with people who just bring you down. Besides, what’s most important is all of the friends I’ve made who care about my well being no matter where they are in the world. To them, I gift this poem.

I’m on top of the world
And all my friends are with me
Even if they can’t see
Where I am or will be
Standing like an oak tree
Standing strong together.
The world is my amphitheater
And we are on the stage
Turning the next page
Never giving into rage
With the wisdom of a sage
We all recite in verse.
Everyone can see us
Word for word we’re matching
The flow is truly catching
The plans that we have hatching
Watching gates unlatching
We walk through as one.
As one we’re standing tall
Standing strong together
Or voices are forever
Through the stormy weather
Like a diamond tether
We all will carry on.
We are the new age poets
You can hate us as you will
And though the voices shrill
We will recite until
The air around is still
With the beating of our hearts.
In the rhythm of the song.
©2013 Alex Hicks