Slurred Speeches

Slurred Speaches
Slurred speeches solumn speak
much more meaning than malice
but beauteous balance begins
when wonderful words won’t withhold
from fair flowing fantasies.
Sober sayings speak in synonyms
slowly showing subtleties
Repeating riddles of reality
Rarely reaping recourse
So speeches spoken sober
Show something some should see
And sloshed speeches may be slurred
But they speak more to me.
©2013 Alex Hicks


Sure I’ve had hard times
I’ve been let down by friends
I’ve been betrayed
Stabbed in the back
Shot myself in the foot
Threw stones from a glass house
And laughed as it fell apart
Threw stone AT a glass house
Then cried as it fell apart.
There is no feeling in this world
As terrible as guilt.
Just as there is no feeling
As beautiful as love.
Not just love.
But true love.
Waking up beside one person
And smiling at her sleeping face
Asking yourself
“How did SHE end up with ME”
“She is way out of my league”
Because she is.
But you swung that bat anyway.
And you hit a home run.
That’s it.
That’s the feeling.
Every time you look at her
You feel like you just hit a home run.
Well, that’s what I think it will be anyway.
I’ve never found true love.
And the worst part is…
I’m not sure I ever will.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Midnight Rain – Into Dawn

Into Dawn
A flash of lightning lights my face
and the thunder shakes the ground
The flashes are bright blinding
The rain falls all around
It drowns all that I hoped to see
It pours on all my dreams
And I don’t think it will end soon
Or ever so it seems.
But the rippled mirrors it creates
That reflect flashes of lightning
It’s almost awe inspiring
Almost so its frightening
But as the thunder crashes
And the rain pours from the sky
There’s no need to sit and wonder
There’s no need to sit and cry
Midnight rain is beautiful
For once you know it’s gone
Because once the storm is over
We will all look into dawn.
©2013 Alex Hicks

After The Rain

Wrote a beautiful Duet with the beautiful Jen over at Think.Speak.Tryst. Go over to her page, follow and comment on her stuff. If you don’t, I won’t be reading you a bedtime story. Harumph.

Those storm clouds finally clearing
The rain no longer falls
The children play in the glowing sun
Instead of behind paper walls
The warmth of the sun
Kisses my skin
Like never ending days
I feel alive again
The shade beneath the redwood
Is comforting and calm
The leaves floating in the breeze
So lightly graze my palm
So Lost am I in such a trance
In heaven I am surrounded
With beautiful things everywhere
Never again to be grounded
Springtime flowers blooming
The in orange, yellow and red
The simple natural beauty
Much more than can be said.
Sun shinning down upon my skin
Embraced by the world around me
Strom has passed, new day has arrived
This is the way life should be
©2013 Alex Hicks and Jen

You’re Beautiful

I don’t care who you are
You’re beautiful
You can deny it
Lie about it
Try and hide it
But I can still see it
The world doesn’t care
When we shed tears
The world doesn’t end
Because of something someone said
Because words are words
And writing is feeling
And feeling is beautiful
Just like you.
Now if only you could see it too.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Unanswered Questions

Why can’t I…?
What is there…?
Where did I…?
Do they not care?
How many…?
What can I…?
What will they…?
Is it a lie?
Can I really…?
Where do they…?
What’s wrong with…?
How can I say?
When should I…?
Am I really…?
How do I…?
Do they hear me?
Question will remain unanswered
As long as they’re un-ending
But that also means I won’t waste time
On what does not need defending.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Open Your Eyes

The time has come
Humanity is on the rise
So remove your blindfold
And open your eyes.
We spent so long in the dark
But now we’ve come to see
That the universe is out there
In all of its infinity.
Every day people wake up
To pull the blindfold off their face
To look around and see the world
The potential of the human race.
And yeah we grieve
And we all get sad
And the world doesn’t care
But don’t get mad.
Because there are people here
That care more than you know
For your personal well being
Than they sometimes care to show.
Because the day has finally come
Humanity is on the rise
So remove the blindfold
And open your eyes.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Fall In Line

I was young once
I acted all cool
I too played the fool
I scraped by in school
I was stupid and young
Shaped by what I see
Not thinking what could be
My influences shaped me
But I grew up
I got smarter with time
I made the world mine
I thought all would be fine
I thought I would change the world
But everyone lied
So I silently cried
As my childhood died
The world fears change
Like a bee near your head
Or a snake in your bed
Or ending up dead.
So now I’m not sure what to do
Put the system to test?
Would that be best?
Or fall in line like the rest?
©2013 Alex Hicks

The Bridge and the Sky

The bridge I cross is long and wide
With cables holding it on high
The towers peak so far above
Like the bridge and sky had fell in love
And yet I know that could they speak
The bridge would cry ever so weak
“Sky you are to far to reach
Please come down so we could speak.”
The sky would answer with regret
“I cannot for if we had met
The people under me would die
Without me floating here on high.”
The bridge would shudder and weep
But his love for her would forever keep
For as long as the bridge does stand
He is firmly held in place by land
But his love for her will remain strong
Until one day will come along
Where the bridge no longer stands
And the sky will weep into her hands
For she did not fall when she was asked
Because of the duty she was tasked
But the bridge had tried to reach so high
For the love he had for the beautiful sky.
©2013 Alex Hicks