Make a Stand

Solid ground;
without a sound;
I stand here on my own.
I look around,
at what I’ve found,
and I am not alone.
I have trust,
and if I must,
I’ll give it where it’s due,
and just as rust,
is simply crushed,
I know what I must do.
At any cost,
it must be tossed,
into the dark abyss.
I’m not lost,
not to be crossed,
not to be remiss.
And while it’s true,
I stare on through,
and feel naught but shame and guilt,
I must do,
what I set out to,
and tear down the walls I’ve built.
To make a stand;
I know I can;
to revive that which I’ve killed.
This is my plan;
my pain is banned;
clean up the glass I’ve spilled.
©2012 Alex Hicks

So, I’ve been absent for a while. The past couple weeks have been life altering for me so here, beneath my most recent poem, I will give you some updates.

  • My doctor thinks I’m going through some sort of adjustment phase after moving out of my parents house; a sort of social anxiety; instead of depression. It makes sense. She sent me for bloodwork just in case.
  • Work has been picking up finally. I don’t have to spend full days sitting around doing nothing anymore. Usually it’s about half-a-day doing nothing now.

Not much else to say here, I mean it’s only been a week right?
With that I have news. I’ll be resuming my 365 Days of Poetry starting with this poem today. As stated in an earlier post: every day missed will add a day to the end goal. So, as I have missed 13 Days; I will be writing every day until October 31st, 2013! Halloween next year! Great! 🙂
-Alex H.

Update #11: Recordings Coming Soon!

TL;DR Version:

  • Cold almost gone.
  • Recording this weekend at latest.
  • Office clock died at 4:45, 4:45 is end of day.
  • Facebook Page. <–Shameless self-plug
  • Grooveshark rocks

My cold (and stuffy voice that comes with) is almost gone. I estimate I’ll be recording by the end of the week or on the weekend. 🙂 I hope you’re all excited lol.
Also, I started sharing my work on stumbleupon, and over the past 2 days my views went from 31 to 225. Holy crap! I am up to 46 followers now! I was so excited when I saw that last night I was shaking lol.
This is one huge step closer to getting some of my work published.

Sidenote: My work day officially ends at 4:45. Ironically enough, yesterday, the battery in the clock on the wall of my office died at 4:45. Just found that kind of funny.

Also, not trying to advertise here, but grooveshark may just be the best thing ever to grace the internet with its presence. Just sayin’
Just a reminder. I do have a facebook page, and a profile. I give you my page. Feel free to spread it around to everyone.
Also, for those of you who use grooveshark and who have read my about page and are interested in hearing symphonic/progressive/operatic metal (if you haven’t already) here’s a grooveshark playlist.
Alex’s Symphonic Metal Playlist
It’s not all of the best songs, but it is a good number of them.

Also, the thing I’m using to make sure I write every day:
It sends me an e-mail every day to remind me to write that day.
Okay, that’s it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for today’s poem(s) aaaaaaand I’ll be posting some quotes later.
Oh, and do something for me: Smile at a stranger today. You never know how it may brighten someones day.
-Alex H.

Starlight Foliage

Stars are like leaves
Dancing softly in the night sky
Some Fall
Others Fade
But always born anew
And as I stand here
Under the universe’s branches
I realize.
I am free.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

The Moon

Trees whisper softly
Silence echoes gracefully
Somewhere, crickets chirp.
The Moon
Is sheltered from our eyes
Clouds conceal her
As she makes love to the sun.
-©2012 Alex Hicks


Time for an update!
First, holy crap! 16 Followers! That’s 16 more followers than I thought I’d get! Thank you to everyone who comments and likes and follows me/things I post. I am in your debt. I initially created this blog to show my poetry to my closest friends who I invited to the site. After 3 weeks of me posting and none of them wanting to read anything, I decided to open it to the public eye. just over 2 weeks later, I have 16 followers and lots of views! It has been a huge boost to my self-esteem and it has encouraged me to write more. Thank you everyone.
Second, I will start reading my poems and posting it on YouTube probably around the middle of October. All of my recording equipment is currently packed for moving on October 1st, so once I get moved in and set up, I’ll start recording and adding relevant images/music to the poems. I also intend to create my own music to put in the videos. Should be an interesting attempt.
Third! I’m thinking about writing one poem a day for a year. Topics are one thing I am not short of for poetry, and I love writing. Suggest ideas and other things that might help with that.
And finally, I welcome all constructive criticism on anything I write. The more I have the better my poems will be in the long run so if you notice something I could improve on, speak up!
Thanks again!
-Alex H.

P.S. I need a good suggestion for a title for the blog. Poet’s Brain isn’t really all that great because poetry comes from the heart first the brain second.