The Rising Ire

The Rising Ire
It’s beautiful really, don’t you think?
The red that fills your eyes.
The rage replacing rationality
The one that’s sick of lies.

The rising ire from betrayal
With the knife still in your back
The blade that sits and numbs the flesh
The ropes that hold you to the rack

You try to fight it with naught but reason
But it defies your rationality
It fills you with a dark desire
and it disputes your reality

The knife is there you can’t refute
In your back the cold of steel
Radiates into your core
And anger is all you feel.

Give in to passionate beast
The indignation in your heart
The monster lurks inside of you
Let it tear you apart.

©2015 Alexander J. Hicks

Capturing Rapture – A Duet with David Ellis

So how about it then followers, whether it’s sunny and warm or if its cold and cloudy, we all need something to warm us up sometimes. Here’s a piece written by David Ellis of TooFullToWrite and myself that’s sure to warm you up on those cold winter days.

This time we followed the daily prompt: Time after time

Be sure to head over to TooFullToWrite and follow his blog. This was not my first duet with David and nor shall it be my last. His vocabulary and use of it is simply astounding. Be sure to follow him if you aren’t already.

Capturing Rapture

Making the first move, careful deliberation
Sacrificial pawns in this wayward game
Feel my heartbeat, as I take to the stage
Counting reluctant steps until I see your face

Step by step, the playful mating dance
Elusive, yet in this moment, divine
Entrances you and draws you near
To my tender grasp, adoringly entwined

Seduction rituals have now started
The hunter has become the hunted
Clock is ticking and the race is on
Electricity coursing through our veins

A spark of madness rages forth
A moment of insanity
This tango is old, that we conduct
Yet each time feels just like the first

To capture your rapture
Nurturing feelings of grandeur
The stakes couldn’t get any higher
Try as I might, can’t quell this fire

It burns and it rages, flickering flames
Again and again this feeling untamed
Desire and fortune exist in harmony
Intensity and confidence act in unity

Acting out these states of the world
Watching as each beautiful one unfolds
Mesmerized by your subtle, spellbinding aura
Intoxication, until our lust is molten magma

A lover’s embrace closes the distance
The world crumbling away around us
Leaving nothing in the chaos but just you and I
As our passion satiates the hungry midnight sky.

©2014 Alex Hicks and David Ellis

(24/01/2013) Burning Bridges

Dewey Bridge Fire 2008
I build castles
In ruined lands
Of rubble and stone
With my own hands
I build towers
In eerie bogs
Dragging wood
Through morning fog.
I build roads
Where none need be
So others can travel
And see what I’ve seen.
I build these things
But this is my crime
Because I burn bridges
All the time.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(22/01/2013) My Tomb

Where did I go wrong?
Did I give it up for naught?
Did I get what I deserve?
Did you deserve what you got?
The fires filled the sky
As the storm began to brew
And I sit transparent
While you all look through.
Peace is not my end goal
It is my last request
Rid the world of hate
As I lay down to rest.
But the storm’s already here
And we cannot retreat
Until we are layed to rest
Pillows of concrete.
So in my tomb I lay to rest
As the world goes to hell
And tell me when I wake again
If all had been made well.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Balance is Key

All you will see
when you look at me
Is the fire that pushes the light
And if deeper you go
Then you will know
Why the fire goes on with its fight.
The thing about fire
Is not that it requires
Fuel a spark and some air
But that without light
The shadows it fights
Would never really be there.
So if I am right
And you have the light
Just remember that balance is key
This balance of life
Is sharp like a knife
And we need both to create harmony.
©2012 Alex Hicks