Concede your ignorance
On broken words no longer fall
Not looking back at choices made
For the future is unknown
If failure is your Achilles heel
Do not give it power
Everyone must fail sometimes
Never let your fear
Condemn your life for
Everyone has the power to choose.

Dig Deeper so to Fly

I wrote an etheree! well, a double-etheree. Easily one of my favourite forms of poetry. Read about it here. Because sometimes, you need to work to get a starting point, then work more to make it worth your time.

Dig Deeper so to Fly
than you have
dug until now.
Bury yourself in
the weight of words of those
who have been where you are now
because you will someday be free
of the things that keep you trapped down here.
Spring forth into the unknown, a victor.
If you can see the sky, it is in reach,
so dig deeper than you have before
and find yourself some solid ground;
a starting point, a baseline.
And with your force of will,
jump high as you can
and see the world
from the height
of a
©2014 Alex Hicks


I’m the kind of person who is happiest
When making other people happy.
If I make one person laugh every day
Then it will have been a good day for me.
This poses a small problem for me
When someone tells me
That they’ve had a hard life
I don’t know what to say because
Nothing I could say would make their situation
Any better.
So I just sit there in silence
I don’t know what I’m waiting for.
Maybe I’m waiting for them to get mad at me
for not saying anything
Maybe I’m waiting for the tears they’ll inevitably cry
Or maybe I’m waiting for the moment to insert a joke
Or anything that I think will make them smile
But that moment rarely comes
There’s a time and place for everything
But there rarely seems to be a time and place for me
In the moment,
I’ll sit in silence watching your face
For signs of what you’ll do next.
Whether it be tears of sadness or rage
Or a scream
But I don’t speak
Because you’ve heard the lies before
“Everything will be fine”
“It will all work out in the end”
“I’ll always be here for you”
I won’t speak those lies
Because everything won’t be fine
It may not work out in the end
I may not always be here for you
But I’m here now.
That’s a promise I can keep.
I’ll be the ears to hear that scream
The shoulder to cry on
The foundation to hold you up
But I can’t promise to always be there for you
Because I don’t know if I can keep that promise.
©2013 Alex Hicks

End of The Rainbow

I’ve seen the end of a rainbow
And let me tell you something
There is no pot of gold
No leprechaun laughing
And telling jokes
But what is there
Is a message.
That everything ends.
Everything in life has a beginning
And an end.
Everything ends.
Friends leave…
Trees fall…
Rain stops…
Rivers run dry…
Ice Melts…
…Stars die.
None of which we can stop.
The inevitabilities in life
Should make you to be a better person
Just don’t let your entire life be changed
By the message at the end of the rainbow.
©2013 Alex Hicks

June 10th, 2013: I Want it All (Update!)

Hi everybody! First, let me say, WOW!. 282 Followers. More than I thought I’d ever have.
Of course, 50 was more than I thought I’d ever have.
Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments and reblogs and shares my work around the interwebs. It means so much to me that people want to read what I write. I could not thank you all enough 🙂
Last week, Time became the most liked poem I’ve posted at 49 likes as of 10/06/2013 at 7:45am ADT. Thanks so much guys and gals!
On to the update!
Some big changes are ahead for me in the coming months. Not so much on this blog, aside from hoping to be able to write more, but in real life.
I’ve been going to a psychologist for the past few months and after our very last session on friday, I came to the sudden realization that if I want to do what I dream of doing in my life, I need to get off my ass and start doing something and not just talk about it; so I’m doing something about it.
In a couple days I’m going to get my beginners drivers license and book my road test. I’m looking for a One-Bedroom or Bachelor Apartment not far from work as to give me quite a bit more free time, as well as looking into some dating websites because I think I’m finally ready to be in a relationship again. I’ve also been looking at getting a new car; but that all hinges on me getting my license. I’ve already failed the road test once so I should be able to ace it this time right?
Anyway, that’s it for this update, I’ll post a couple poems in a bit, and I’ll give you guys another update next monday!
-Alex H.


So this one isn’t my usual style. It kind of heirs on the side of humor.

I bear scars from indiscresion
As someone fed me misdirection
And if I could make one correction
I would wear sunscreen.
It was fun one summer morning
At the beach and we were scoring
Who am I kidding, it was boring
But I was young and stupid.
No one remembered to bring the lotion
Despite the very best of notions
And swimming out there at the ocean
That sun can sure get hot.
Taking a break sitting on the sand
Sick of water glad to be on land
I sat there far too long and
The sun did scar my back.
Second degree the doctors told
As they put on the lotion oh so cold
And of course my parents scold
That I should have worn sunscreen.
That was many years ago
And still the scars are there you know
So some advice for you to follow
Please; wear sunscreen.
©2013 Alex Hicks

After The Rain

Wrote a beautiful Duet with the beautiful Jen over at Think.Speak.Tryst. Go over to her page, follow and comment on her stuff. If you don’t, I won’t be reading you a bedtime story. Harumph.

Those storm clouds finally clearing
The rain no longer falls
The children play in the glowing sun
Instead of behind paper walls
The warmth of the sun
Kisses my skin
Like never ending days
I feel alive again
The shade beneath the redwood
Is comforting and calm
The leaves floating in the breeze
So lightly graze my palm
So Lost am I in such a trance
In heaven I am surrounded
With beautiful things everywhere
Never again to be grounded
Springtime flowers blooming
The in orange, yellow and red
The simple natural beauty
Much more than can be said.
Sun shinning down upon my skin
Embraced by the world around me
Strom has passed, new day has arrived
This is the way life should be
©2013 Alex Hicks and Jen

You’re Beautiful

I don’t care who you are
You’re beautiful
You can deny it
Lie about it
Try and hide it
But I can still see it
The world doesn’t care
When we shed tears
The world doesn’t end
Because of something someone said
Because words are words
And writing is feeling
And feeling is beautiful
Just like you.
Now if only you could see it too.
©2013 Alex Hicks

An Update!

So, I took a week off from everything last week (except work). In order to organize and play with my thoughts. Sorry I didn’t tell you :/

But the good news is, I’m back. With renewed inspiration and motivation, with insight, patience and dedication. Or at least I hope so lol.

My psychologist has me keeping a worry journal, to help me track the sources of my worry and deal with my anxiety. It isn’t something that I’m likely to post here, but it is helping me deal with my worry a lot.

I would also like to point out how important having friends is to me right now and should have been my entire life. My whole life I thought people only wanted to be my friends because I was useful to them or because I had something they wanted. I realize now, that I was wrong. My friends are my friends because of the personality traits that I possess that we share, or that they find attractive in me; the same reason that I desire to be friends with them. Friends who are only friends with you because they want something from you are not very good friends at all. I should have realized this a long time ago and it is probably the reason why I have lost so many friends throughout my life.

So, while I am incredibly grateful to all 245 of my followers for being there for me and reading my work and making this blog what it is today; there are two people who I feel deserve special mention. These three people who have hard times of their own, yet still find a way to cheer me up through writing duets, and even just writing daily reflections for me to read that make me think, are easily the closest friends I have ever made through the means of the internet. They are Hastywords, Jen at Think.Speak.Tryst. and Shruti at A Shade of Pen.Thank you to everyone, but a very special thanks goes to these people for being incredible people in my life.

Thank you
-Alex H.