Show me someone standing strong
Strained against the shame and sorrow
not slighted by the silent song.
Show me someone stronger still
Steadiness and iron will
A stormless serene symbol
of the smashed and shattered souls

©2015 Alex Hicks

Mastering My Monsters

I see her sitting, singing,
A serenade of solitude
Solumn in her sorrow.
While the whimsical willows
Dance wildly in wind
Wary, I watch, waiting.
Trying to tame terror
Time trying to turn me
Trying but trapped in turmoil.
Voice of vicious beauty
Voracious vapid villain
Virile in my vanity.
Casting out my chorus
Crying in the cold
Cannot crack this carapace.
Mending is a must
Master of my monsters
Malicious mirriad in my mind.
©2013 Alex Hicks

(02/02/2013) Spiral

Trust is something that is earned
Love is something that is learned
Then why does everybody hate.
Because just like affection
Hate is learned through reflection
And anger destroys all love creates.
I used to try
To understand why
Anger can drive one to the brink.
But in my attempts
Each day I commenced
I fell further into hate I think.
In trying to know it
I got caught within it
And now that I’m climbing back out.
It tears at the seems
To rip at my dreams
As it won’t let me leave here without.
In here it taught
That if it were not
For anger I’d not be here today.
My want for revenge
Kept me off of that ledge
That I longed for in every way.
Now I’m ascending
From the fury unending
With not but a large gaping hole.
Where once sat my heart
Now sits only dark
As my life spirals out of control.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Descent Into Madness

Why do I fight it?
I’m tired of conflict.
I think that it’s time I gave in.
Let anger course through me
How could I not foresee
That in battling anger, he’ll win.
Won’t let it control
My life as a whole
But to push me where I need to go.
Drive me to madness
Out of this sadness
Why keep swimming against the flow.
©2012 Alex Hicks