(12/02/2013) One Word

What if I were to say
That one word could change your life
And that one word
Could be any word you wanted.
And whenever you said that word
You would be inspired
Your creativity would soar
Your passions would scream
But whenever you spoke that word
One person would feel pain
Not physical
Not mental
But emotional
Like the pain of a broken heart
The pain of being abandoned
In a world full of cruelties
Where one word whenever spoken
Could break your heart again
But if there was one word
That could really change your life
And whenever you said that word
You would be inspired
Your creativity would soar
Your passions would scream
Would you ever say that word?
©2013 Alex Hicks

(08/01/2013) What Poets Do

glowing earth
Anyone can write a rhyme
To scare away the creeping rust
Of age and things that come with time
But writing them is all or bust.
Shadows come here every day
To scare us and to make us sigh
You’ll understand all that I say
Once I make the shadows fly.
The world is full of crime and hate
As the earth just keeps its spin
But what I show you will create
The blinding light we need to win.
There is something I have found
Follow me and I will show
that the sun may make the earth go round
But poets make the world glow.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Sky Colors

Writing paints a picture
That a paintbrush never could
Poems invent colors
That you probably never would.
Poetry takes the madness
That we all have in our eyes
And lets us find its uses
In our everyday lives.
Poetry takes the anger
And boots it out the door
Bringing calmness in its place
And always wanting more.
Poetry takes the problems
That we all face every day
And makes them look so tiny
In every single way.
Poetry takes your life
And begs the question “why?”
Poetry is not writing
It’s painting with the sky.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

Greet the Morning With a Smile

Have you ever welcomed the day
With joy in any way
Have you ever awoke with a smile?
If not I ask why?
I think you should try
It may even be worth your while
The day won’t attack
Heck, it may smile back
And wink with a glint in its eyes.
Soon you will see
How happy you’ll be
Much to your own surprise.
Smile at night too
And he’ll smile through
Despite the fear lurking around.
Because without night
There would be no light
For you to ever be found.
-©2012 Alex Hicks