Changes Are Coming

Changes are coming ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and publish some of my writing. So I’ve created profiles on various platforms to spread my work around. You can see all of these links on the sidebar.

The buttons were all made by a very generous and helpful friend of mine who wishes to be called MSS.


You’ll notice a soundcloud link in there. Yep, that means what you think it means. I’ve started recording some of my work. The first one I recorded was It Will Not Scar My Heart. Since then I’ve also found some music that I can use as backgrounds in future recordings, and I’ve learned how to improve the quality of my recordings. You can look forward to many more of those as well.

I’ve also updated my creative commons license for reasons that will be revealed in time. The image for that was also created by MSS.

Creative Commons Licence

On that note, know that I have been writing more. I have a lot of half-done pieces that will hopefully be finished and posted soon. As always, I welcome any and all criticism on any of my work, I don’t make a habit of denying any comments (aside from spam that is).

So please, leave me any comments on any of my work. I welcome them all. And and look forward to more posts in the near future. I’ll see you all soon.

Alexander J. Hicks

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